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you can SWITCH between arrows
by junderland_
Unlock Archers / Stages
by Arno
Guide to unlock every stages and characters in the game. Plus a few more things...
A Guide to Dodge Canceling
by SmokeyStern
A massive guide on dodge canceling that covers everything from basic execution to more intricate dodge canceling related techniques...
Important Techniques and Principles (Quest Mode)
by SmokeyStern
A guide on basic techniques and principles that can be extremely helpful and apply to almost every level in quest mode regardless of difficulty. 5 topics are discussed and questions and feedback are encouraged as I will updating this guide if I become aw...
Pad configuration
by Aldrikh
Even if the many common pads are natively supported by this game, some are not, and unfortunately there's no way to reconfigure you keys in game....
Tutorial - Configure your gamepad without dev console
by Fullmetal
How to configure your controller without the dev console....