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Can't get countable achievements
Can't get all countable achievements - like "kill 50 crawles", collect all logs of X, etc.

I'm pretty sure I did all of these (or at least most of these), but achievements don't unlock.

Anybody has the same problem?
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Captain Awesome 2013年10月24日下午2:48 
Probably a few achievements that were created for the parts of the game that were not actually made/released. Just a guess though.
Private Detective 2013年10月24日下午2:56 
Maybe, but looks more like bugs. I definetely killed 50 crawlers, and the logs are the local stories of some regions, as I get it.

Also, I can see some small percent of people achieved them.
Frizbee 2013年10月29日上午5:51 
I have the same issue. But it seems to be across multiple games at the moment, achievement's aren't being recognized as completed by steam, even when they are (and in one case, even when the game itself recognizes it as having been completed in the in-game menu)
BlackLight78 2013年11月5日上午5:19 
Same issue here. Although I killed a number of critters the "steam achievement progress count" for killing or collecting related achievements is still on one.

Could the devs please provide an update, when the broken achievements will get fixed and whether we have to start a new game?
Two Clicks 2014年10月26日上午2:39 
Guess ppl are still having this issue!?
BlackLight78 2014年10月26日上午2:42 
Meanwhile they fixed the achivements and I was able to collect them all.
Two Clicks 2014年10月26日上午3:52 
引用自 BlackLight78
Meanwhile they fixed the achivements and I was able to collect them all.

Nice.... my counters for the achievements still read 0/100 or 1/100 and arent incrementing. Guess Ill have to hope the further I get in the games in counters will keep score.
BlackLight78 2014年10月26日上午3:59 
The steam counters didn't work for me either. So I recommend you ignore them. The achievement count within the game seems to work now ...
Two Clicks 2014年10月26日上午4:00 
I figured. But thx for confirming! :D
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