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Lord Solon Valtravers Jan 5 @ 3:44am
I need help collecting the Journals
I got this game on sale and while I can see why everyone is crying about it, I think it's actually a good game. The difficulty is not too hard - even for the tough evemies like Heavy Crawlers and Seekers and the like. All you need is a few medkits and you can just stand there and take their beatings without dying. I got stuck a couple of times but usually it just involved backtracking a little to access the new area. The only bug I've encountered is getting stuck in a wall once. Another episode to continue the story would be great, or at the very least an update to make the biolabs more interesting as I was really looking forward to exploring that area.

Anyway, to get to the point of this post I would like to know how many journals there are to collect?

So far I have collected 22 and have pretty much run out of places to scour. I've collected all possible powerups but I really want to get these journal achievements out of the way. Some people have the achievement so I know it can be done.

How many have everyone else collected?

Also, I found the secret area where it says your not supposed to be there and the particle effects were cool. It's a shame it couldn't be put into the game somewhere.

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AEon Jan 12 @ 2:53pm 
I'd be interested in that info as well. I have not finished the game yet, I am at the Rotten Core presently (Bio Labs not explored, still missing Grenade Launcher, everthing else I could access I have, well AFAICT)

NF logs: I found 8 and that unlocked the achievement.
FM logs 8 found, but achievement not unlocked... yet?!
BK logs 6 found, but achivement not unlocked.

So I would have collected 22 so far as well. I have written down the names of the logs, so you could possibly compare them against your list, if there is interest. I noted where I found them (named part of ship), and often exactly were in that "sector".

balek jae Jan 12 @ 4:07pm 
i know a friend of mine has found everything. i'm going to replay it. i'll let you know if i find the stuff.
Lord Solon Valtravers Jan 12 @ 9:01pm 
Thanks for the input guys, here's what I have collected so far;

N.F. Logs - Collected 8 and the achievement is still locked.
F.M. Logs - Collected 7 and no achievement.
B.K. Logs - Collected 7 and no achievement.

So it looks like we both have one that the other hasn't found yet. I'm guessing that there are a total of 24 journals to collect. It also seems that collecting 8 will unlock the achievement but as I have collected 8 and the achievement is still locked I can only guess that you have to find them all in one sitting and not load from a save.

I also have the names of my logs but not the location where I found them. I think the game needs to be completed (well all logs collected in one sitting) for the achievements to unlock.
AEon Jan 13 @ 5:26am 
I recently played Rise of the Triad '13, that game seems to have problems with achievement tracking as well. Apprently tracking them is less trivial than one would hope.

Your comments about getting the logs in one session may well be true. It might be worth to "simply" run through the cleaned up sections on the ship and re-read (activate) the logs a second time. Maybe that helps the achievement tracking along. Alas loading/saving as I learned with ROTT can also be an issue. I.e. if you check your list of logs it should be complete, but Steam may not be aware of them being collected, when loading a saved game. Alas, all guesswork.

Since I have not completed the game yet, I am hoping to find a few more logs. Though I do suspect I did actually find all FM logs. Oh well.

I seem to have run into a much bigger problem of a "mission" (Turn off the Fire-something-or-other) being finished (I did switch off all the switches I could find, but the new missions I should be completing are not longer getting listed. Hmm... may be a bug... induced by the unorthodox way I play the 4 main section doors (i.e. I played or tried to play all *other* area doors first).

Update: Just collected 8 BK logs... unlocked Semper fodder (Collect the full set of B. Kowicz logs.), and this was over several sessions. Also have the Grenade Launcher now.

Update 2: Under Processing Control, I needed to re-read "Storage" in the very top left of the map (near the "portal" door). This unlocked the achievement. Whee :)
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Steppenwolf Mar 29 @ 2:06am 
Originally posted by AEon:
It might be worth to "simply" run through the cleaned up sections on the ship and re-read (activate) the logs a second time.

I strongly recommend that, as it easily could happen that you have saved the game, found a log, died after that and didn't go back to the log after respawning/reloading. Also there might be another unknown trigger like 'finshed the game', 'done all objectives', 'got all weapons/mods/ammo'. So make sure all is done before you run through the levels to re-read all logs.

To help keep tracking, here is a list of all 23 logs that exists. If you see all of these when looking in you inventory, you SHOULD have the three Achivements.

Eight from N.Fortunate:
  • Cancerous Traps
  • Escape
  • Gunning for pods
  • Ill crawl
  • Raging scavengers
  • Scorch marks
  • Scuttling in the deep
  • Yellow gurk

Seven from B.Kowicz:
  • Big surprise
  • Blaze of Glory
  • Cleanup
  • Deadly impact
  • Headless
  • Hostile territory
  • Outmanoeuvred

Eight from F.Magnusson:
  • Breaking the breakers
  • Final maintance
  • Marine relief
  • Nature provides
  • Shortage
  • Sucessful run
  • Supply closet
  • Triage engineering
AEon Apr 2 @ 1:48am 
Originally posted by Steppenwolf:
I strongly recommend that, as it easily could happen that you have saved the game, found a log, died after that and didn't go back to the log after respawning/reloading.

Very good point... that may very well have happened to me back then. I am sure those log lists will help other folks.
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