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Atlas Fishard Dec 22, 2013 @ 10:57am
Buggy Gameplay and untested game release raises question towards next installment of Dark Matter

- Interseting at first glance

- Only good for a small short indie game

Here are some problems I personally am encountering during v.1.1:

///// (Spoilers) /////

- Unbalaced monster attack, monster can 1-2 shot players,

- No easy, medium or hard modes,

- Teleporting monsters, if monster is on DoT damage, when teleorting pass player, there is a chance DoT may spread to players (e.g. Fire Ammo), no solution.

- Sometimes when a save is loaded, there is a chance that the jump/up key is bugged and prevents player from using ladders or jumping. The only solution is to reload a save, until it doesn't happen.

- Camera catching up to player is too slow, and player can sometimes run faster into enemy without knowing, (e.g. Jump and run)

- The purge system part of the game does not damage player, making the entire chapter of that game mechanic useless/pointless, (E.g. The beam of fire going through vents does not damage player if jumping and running through it)

- When travelling from Core Station to Process Station, there is a chance that player will have their crafting currency reset, (eg. any ammo crafted in the core station will be reset when traveling to the process station)

- After obtaining the Ice Ammo from using the grenade launcher, there is no enemies/ real goal for an effective means to use it, making it inefficent before the end of the game.

game is obviously not tested before release.
Making this a poor choice of a game to purchase or pit hopes on future releases of sequels.
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Dark Matter > General Discussions > Topic Details