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Savvy Navi Feb 25 @ 6:34am
Is Dark Matter still episodic?
I was just wondering if anyone knew if this game is still getting a second episode. I really liked part one, but because of the new ending I'm curious about how part two would start. I hope it is, because the labs look like they'd be a fun area to play in (for some reason they remind me of metroid, and i haven't even played thoes games)
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prudis Apr 30 @ 1:29am 
Kestrel Hudson Jun 1 @ 4:11am 
I will buy the game if there is going to be some sort of sequel or follow up. There is no updates from developers on their site for almost a year. Which makes you think.
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balek jae Jun 2 @ 1:48am 
nope. there will be no more episodes. the dev studio behind this game has been shutdown.
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