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Jan 6, 2017 patch notes for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
  • Reverted the steam cloud saving change from yesterday due to reports of the game being unable to find its save data if cloud saving was turned off
  • Fixed a crash releated to having multiple trinkets
  • Fixed a bug where the unlock checks for Ending 19 and Final were reversed in the cutscene menu
  • Gameplay adjustments

Some changes were made to Lua sandboxing due to security concerns. Here's how they affect you:
If you used require("mobdebug").start() in your mods, that should be replaced with StartDebug() to prevent your script from hitting an error, since that only works with --luadebug enabled. This means you'll have to update any lua mods you've released with that line left in. We're very sorry for the inconvenience!
For now we strongly recommend running workshop mods only with --luadebug disabled. This recommendation may be retracted in a later update.
See the debugging page in the tools/luadoc documentation for a tutorial on setting up the debugger.

Changed the way unpacked resources are loaded, due to issues players were frequently seeing where unpacked resources were becoming outdated, players with incompatible legacy mod files or mods applied by the legacy method. Now the game prefers to load files from the pack file first, and if that fails, loads from loose files.

Fixed const-ness of player entity passed to certain callbacks
Fixed an issue where a function for getting the screen position of an entity didn't account for the camera offset or screen shake

Jan 5, 2017 patch notes for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+
  • Fixed a Windows crash caused by an exe modification step in the build process
  • Fixed a crash related to loading a game save after smelting trinkets
  • Fixed a crash on startup related to save data
  • Fixed a crash involving an item that would try to spawn doors in Greed/Greedier mode
  • Fixed a bug where the player could be hurt by certain fires spawned by their own items
  • Fixed a bug where the boss clear music could play too soon
  • Adjusted steam cloud save detection
  • Various adjustments for balance and fairness

Mod tools:
  • Fixed a display issue and some default path issues with room editor
  • Fixed a Mac issue with missing libraries that made the Mac ModUploader
  • impossible to launch without a specific dev environment installed

Modding API:
  • Generated comments for HTML documentation
  • Added descriptions of mod callback conditions, arguments and return values, in enums.lua and in HTML documentation
  • Changed signature of MC_EVALUATE_CACHE callback to pass the player entity
  • Removed some duplicated casts: Isaac.ToPickup and Isaac.ToEffect. Instead use entity:ToPickup and entity:ToEffect
  • Added some missing entity casts: ToBomb, ToLaser, ToKnife
  • Added some methods to player to get joystick inputs
  • Made player stats modifiable by mods
  • Removed getters for readonly player stats, since they were made redundant
  • Added functions such as Isaac.WorldToScreenPosition to convert game coordinates to rendering coordinates

To the brave intrepid Lua modders: We heard your criticism and we understand. It's still early days for the modding API. You can look forward to new possibilities as we open up access to more of the game's features and create more samples for you to base your mods on. We're still mostly focused on bug fixing at this time, so please be patient. This isn't even our final form!

In the mean time, there are some sample mods made by the dev team that have been lurking the dark corners of the workshop. They're collected here.