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Cyba Cowboy Apr 23, 2014 @ 9:18pm
Project Morpheus support?
So I read that Steam has started rolling-out VR (virtual reality) support on a wider scale... But is there expected to be support for the upcoming Sony "Project Morpheus" (and other other VR headsets, for that matter)?

Like a lot of people, I lost interest in the Oculus Rift the moment Facebook bought it and regardless of what functionality they might add, I can pretty much guarantee I'll never buy one...

The upcoming "Project Morpheus" product however, looks awesome and considering that Sony already have extensive experience with head-mounted displays (primarily in their "Personal 3D Viewer" range), this should be pretty impressive!

And before anyone says it, I know that "Project Morpheus" is PlayStation 4 only at this time - I am speaking hypothetically... It seems kind of silly if they're putting all of this effort into just one product, especially with so many people against purchasing one now.
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Kazioo Apr 24, 2014 @ 6:18am 
Watch or read Joe Ludwig's presentation, Virtual Reality and Steam:

Other VR headsets, future unannounced hardware - YES

Morpheus - probably no, which will be Sony's fault (no PC compatibility at all or just lack of SDK like with DualShock 4, so Valve wouldn't be able to support it).

Those hypothetical chances for the support are low. Here is why:

PS3 Eye was a USB 2.0 device with a normal plug, so you could use one with a PC. It was also the cheapest high FPS webcam in the world, so a lot of people were buying them not to play games on PS3.

PS4 Eye is a modified USB 3.0 device with a proprietary plug purposeful changed to make it extremely difficult to connect to a PC or any other ecosystem that isn't the PS4. This way Sony stopped non-PS4 users from buying the camera.

The way Sony eventually allowed to use Move tracking on PC was disappointing. It required a connected PS3 acting as a server. I assume they just wanted to protect their tracking code. Hackers made their own code and DIY enthusiasts use Move on PC without PS3 (or Sony's approval)...

PS4 Eye was also hacked []. You can expect a hacked Morpheus "support" on PC, but don't expect Valve (and commercial games) to implement unofficial reverse engineered software.

The upcoming "Project Morpheus" product however, looks awesome and considering that Sony already have extensive experience with head-mounted displays (primarily in their "Personal 3D Viewer" range), this should be pretty impressive!

Sony has much more experience in this field than just the HMZ series. They released Glasstron in 1996 and an HMD with headtracking for PlayStation 2 in 2002 (PUD-J5A).

The thing is these products were using a common in the industry approach with microdisplays (one for each eye), quite expensive optics, which resulted in a very low FOV not usable in VR. Project Morpheus uses a completely different solution. Sony ditched their "extensive experience" and instead they used a solution "inspired" by a teenager, who made a simple cheap device in his parents garage. He used a hot glue and a duct tape. I'm not sure, but maybe Sony, as a giant corporation, didn't have a duct tape or spare teenagers? Anyway, that kid was Plamer Luckey and he is the creator of the Oculus Rift. He was the first human to create a very cheap and very effective VR headset with very simple lenses from Ebay, a single display panel, a software distortion correction (because of the simple lenses) and a wide FOV.

Carmack suggested Sony to hire him, but some enthusiastic people with money got interested in the Rift and offerd him to make a new VR company. The solution isn't petented. Morpheus is the first single panel, simple optics, software distortion correction, wide FOV headset presented by a big corporation. It IS a Rift clone. You can thank that kid. Sony already did (becuase Yoshida is an awesome, humble man).

The prototype of Project Morpheus unfortunately uses an LCD screen, so even the Rift DK2 (prototype made when Oculus was still an independent startup) IS better. Rift DK2 uses a low-persistence OLED, which is according to Valve, very important for VR.
Morpheus currently uses only a 60 Hz output from PS4, which is also unacceptable in good VR.

A more interesting fact is that both are not good enough to achieve a magical experience (one of the resons: they have too low refresh rates to get under the 20 ms of latency with normal game engines). There isn't a single announced headset that can do it. The only low-cost VR headset, with impressions available on the Internet, that can achieve magic is Valve's VR headset. It was made by Abrash and Binstock. They moved to Oculus after Facebook bought it.
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Cyba Cowboy Apr 25, 2014 @ 5:32am 
THere's other VR headsets out there, GameSpot did an article after the Facebook aquisition of Oculus... But they all look pretty crap in comparison to the both the Oculus and Project Morpheus.

Maybe Valve should just go back to doing their own headset?

It'd satisfy all those that don't want a Facebook Rift, and those that can't (natively) use Project Morpheus with their computers...
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