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Captain-Splat Feb 19 @ 7:36pm
Quality control for VR category additions missing
I bought SNOW because this was in the VR category, and it's not playable in rift mode at all, I spent my money on this when I could have bought Dream or another title that actually works in the rift. Valve should hire me to test VR games before they are added to this category.
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HairyPantaloons Feb 20 @ 5:04pm 
The game is "early access" which means it's an unfinished beta. In early access games features, like rift support, may not fully implemented or buggy.

If you aren't prepared to put up with bugs until the game is finished, don't buy early access titles.

You'd be better off posting on the SNOW discussion forum detailing the issues you're having so that the developer can work on it. There are already some threads there about it.

What valve really needs to do is better flag the early access titles because there seems to be a lot of people who don't understand what it means. Maybe an extra confirmation page before you buy it with big bold letters saying THIS GAME IS UNFINISHED AND IS LIKELY TO HAVE ISSUES!!!
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