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HairyPantaloons Feb 18, 2014 @ 4:50pm
Is it possible to adjust the head position in steamvr? Particularly to raise it up a bit.

Normal ergonomics for using a monitor puts your head/eye line angled down about 15 degrees when looking at the center of the monitor because it's the most comfortable/relaxed position for the head and neck.

In steamvr it feels like the center of the display is level with my eyes. The result is that I feel like I'm looking up most of the time (also because the menus are at the top) and I don't think would work for longer sessions, watching game previews/community videos etc.

I think if I could move my head up and possibly back a little from the screen so that I don't have to move my head around so much to use the interface it would be more comfortable. Being close helps with the limited resolution of the rift dk1 though, so I'm sure there's a tradeoff.

I've watched tv shows and a couple movies in the rift using ORplayer, vr cinema et al and I'm more comfortable in those with the head up higher than the center of the screen, much like in a real cinema.