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Kazioo Feb 2, 2014 @ 5:13pm
3D Video and non-VR stereo 3D games
Some ideas for future iterations of SteamVR:

  • Support for 3D video (frame packed, SBS, over-under), 3D movies, Youtube 3D.
    SteamOS is supposed to be a console-like living room solution and we know that Valve is looking to add music, movies, and TV. 3D content could get a second chance in HMDs, which offer a better quality of 3D than IMAX and 3DTVs.

  • Option to interpret (force) current view as a SBS 3D format (sid-by-side), like in 3DTVs

  • Normal non-VR games in 3D - like Trine 2; maybe tricking games made for Nvidia 3D Vision or just official support in the Steamworks VR API for non-VR 3D. Some games will never work well in true wide-FOV headtracked VR, but could benefit from stereoscopic 3D on the virtual floating screen.
    It would be interesting to use VR headset even to play normal games despite the lower resolution - perfect crosstalk-free 3D, great colors, 90+ Hz - an experience impossible with a normal monitor.
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Noble Brutus Apr 23, 2014 @ 1:06am 
Steam could offer a variety of 'locations' to play non-VR 2D/3D games as well. For example in a cinema in front of a massive IMAX screen, or at a desk with a monitor, or at a desk on a monitor on a tropical island? Or on a screen in a spooky dust-swept street? You could pick one that most suits the type of content you are viewing/playing. Developers could add their own 'themed' locations to download as well.

Also I think built in support for launching games through Tridef/Virieo/VorpX would be awesome.
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Inicus Jan 12, 2015 @ 1:41pm 
I definitely vote for being able to watch movies and play games in 3D with the rift. That is an excellent idea.
SlashAndBurn Mar 1, 2015 @ 11:09am 
The best experiences will still be those built for VR, not trying to force a standard game to be VR, which seems to be a common desire. If you want to watch 2D or 3D content right now with a cinema or imax experiance you can, just get an appropriate application many are available, but I don't know if Steam Cinema would every become real, becaus it would be nice to project the protected movies you get from steam onto a virtual display.
Kazioo Mar 2, 2015 @ 8:09am 
I think you misunderstood the topic. It's not about playing non-VR games in 360 as a "vr experience" (which is quite controversial even internally at Oculus: Luckey hates it, but Carmack thinks it's a good idea), but about improving a Steam VR's feature that Valve has already (to some extent) implemented - a virtual screen that acts like a TV or a PC monitor. The point of it is to not use an external app like Oculus Cinema or Virtual Desktop, but to use the built-in option in Steam (more convenient, especially for Steam Machine users).

90% of current types of games won't be playable "natively" (in 360) in VR (due to visual-vestibular conflict caused by the locomotion), but HMDs (VR/AR) may be so good in the future we may simply not need physical displays...
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Lefwyne Mar 7, 2015 @ 8:39am 
+1 for virtual IMAX-style display of 2D games in SteamVR, without using 3rd party apps.
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