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Anarchy Arcade (Greenlit & Oculus VR support)
Hi everybody, I'm hoping to get some feedback from you guys on a project of mine.

For the past few years I have been researching and developing a sort of media-rich 3D desktop. Basically it turns your computer into a 3D virtual world where you can customize your virtual homes and explore the virtual world that exists inside your computer.

Here's a general overview of what it has:

And here is a boring explanation of what it actually does:

It is built on the Source engine, so it automatically has pretty good Rift support. I don't have a Rift dev kit myself yet, so I haven't tried it out first hand, but I'm told the experience on it is very enjoyable. I will be getting a dev kit and completing Rift integration after the Kickstarter campaign this Summer.

The project has been Greenlit and will be hitting Steam with Early Access in September. In general, players seem to feel very strongly about the game 1 way or another and I expect it to do well once it is put on Steam because of all the gamers on there. It is versatile enough to be used as a 3D desktop, but is geared towards gamers (especially since it is going to be distributed via Steam.)

I'll be here to answer any questions you guys might have, but in the mean time here are some links to more info about my project:

Main Website:
Frequently Asked Questions:
Greenlight (no longer active): (lots of feedback from players there)

I look forward to hearing your feedback.

If you want to try it out first hand, right now you can still grab the FREE prototype from the main website's Download section. All you need is Steam to play.
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