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Crisu Aug 16, 2014 @ 5:20pm
Screen drag
Anybody notice screen drag in Big Picture or Half life when you look around? It Seems like frames are being skipped.

In configuration tool and all demos that are not related to steam it works nice and smooth.
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Shongage Aug 16, 2014 @ 5:51pm 
yep. it seems like theres no vsync
EviL FazZ Aug 16, 2014 @ 6:01pm 
It varies I've found ...the first time was great and the second time felt as you're saying (low frame-rate) and thrid time fine again :mechanic: For me, it's because of the additonal screens attached, causing some mixed frame rate refresh problems. If you have more than one screen enabled and the Rift DK2 isn't set as the primary (for now with VR view, until this is sorted out too) it won't work optimally or at all in non-DK2 'specific' games :Tom:
Crisu Aug 16, 2014 @ 6:02pm 
It's not frame rate. It's steady when I look around with mouse there is no drag at all, all smooth and nice. Only head tracking causes this effect and in my opinion makes games unplayable.
EviL FazZ Aug 16, 2014 @ 6:06pm 
Like a ghosting affect? :summerghost:
Crisu Aug 16, 2014 @ 6:11pm 
Something like that, makes you feel like as when you move your head you are draged back to previous frame
Frame 1 -> Frame 2 -> Frame 1 -> Frame 3 -> Frame 2 -> Frame 4

Causing effect comparable to sideway earthquake. You could imitate this by shaking your head lightly sideways while continue moving your head in one direction.

Note: This effect does not exist in War Thunder or any demo unrelated to Valve.
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EviL FazZ Aug 16, 2014 @ 6:44pm 
Yep, that's what I meant by 'low frame rate', as it's actually dropping below 75fps (should be this at minimum) can see this in Half Life 2 (my Logitech G13 controller shows me in my case without having to enable the frame rate monitor) which says the game is runnig at 75fps, but is dropping frames, so like crappy games consoles do, it feels smooth, but actually isn't and just an eye saw eventually. It's amplified a lot with the Rift DK2 because it's extremely close to out eyes, leaving almost no time for filtering, hence why it's look smoothing but ghostly :summerghost:

I think (brain bleed even) :ss13brain: it's something to do with mixed screen frame rates and Big Pictures idle state thingy causing it. I noticed this a lot in the early days, when playing Stereo 3D games using Big Picture mode and getting pop up notifications, it would cause the exact same affect for those few seconds of the pop up, then go back to normal once gone. I disabled it for a little and it was fine, but of course, I take a screenshot and it would happend again (screenshot notification pop up). Then an update suddenly happened and suggested it was changed to improve the idle state and it worked, then it broke again a couple of months back and now fine again. It's possibly related, but I can't confirm until I've personally messed around with it more. I hope [v]Valve[/v] seperate the settings for standard Big Picture mode and the VR version of Big Picture, because I can't use both with the same shared settings (makes such a mess), as I use it for with a large TV-like screen, a three metre wide projection, the Rift DK2 and of course a standard monitor too :Safe_House:
Crisu Aug 16, 2014 @ 6:59pm 
I have development on this case. It has to do with my monitor. When monitor is disconnected big picture works great, no lag at all however Half life wont even start this way. So here is what puzzles me:

This applies only to valve products.
60hz on monitor -> Heavy tracking lag in Oculus
85hz on monitor -> Medium tracking lag
144hz -> Light lag - still exist
Monitor disconnected -> No lag

Now what to do to achieve no lag while monitor is active?
EviL FazZ Aug 16, 2014 @ 7:23pm 
Unfortunately, this is where experimentations have stopped (lack of time right now), but will be in Oculus mode same time tomorrow ...meanwhile you might figure it out by then, some clever human answers this all or Valve updates it and possibly fixes this? :gordon:

Sorry I couldn't help further, but we're all in this together, so keep me/us all informed :Page:
Elenoe Aug 17, 2014 @ 7:35am 
I get that in all extended demos. And people reporting it's 0.4.1 thing, so it almost seems like it's timewarp synced to primary monitor refresh rate instead of rift itself.
EviL FazZ Aug 17, 2014 @ 8:39am 
It's also (probably still) a Windows OS 7 issue, which from distant memory can be unlocked with disabling the the signed driver thingy and 'force set/told' what refresh to use. This problem was officially fixed in Windows 8 and above, but then v8 was also designed more towards, Stereo 3D and extensive multi-monitor usage (it's the best I've seen for any OS) and even better now in v8.1 (no perfect of course) but means we can use a crazy (always enabled) setups of high-end monitors, with Passive 3D TV's, projectors and the Oculus Rift's, all at the same time :Eye_tv::Tom::Eye_tv::Tom::Eye_tv::Tom::Eye_tv:
NikoKunVR Aug 21, 2014 @ 7:47am 
I've had similar problems.. I really think for some reason VSYNC is broken for Valve's VR support, at the moment. It doesn't work in HL2 either. And I've done everything possible to force it to work.

In HL2, you can lock the game at 90fps, and that sorta fixes it, but I dono if that's possible with steam VR mode.
WROETOSHAW Aug 28, 2014 @ 5:37am 
whats this?
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