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Fight The Dragon - Current State & FAQ
This thread will be updated regularly with a list of current and planned game features. We will also add FAQ items as common questions arise so everyone has one place to find all the game information they need.

- Adventure Construction Kit with full publishing ability
- Four character classes (Fighter, Fire Lord, Ice Wizard & Black Rogue)
- Female versions of current classes
- Local drop in split screen co-op (M/KB + Controller or 2x Controller)
- Online co-op with up to 4 party members
- LAN server for local 4 player Co-Op (requires windows to run server app)
- A bunch of shipping and user adventures ( over 1900 user adventures and counting)
- A great assortment of loot & weapons inc.1 hand, 2 handed, Dual handed & Ranged
- Dragon battle arena (early preview but playable) with online competitive rankings
- A good selection of enemy types and behaviours including Melee, Ranged & Mini-bosses
- Ability to rate and report user created adventures
- Ability to follow favourite creators
- Ability to search for and place specific adventures in our adventure gallery
- Ability to favourite adventures
- Twelve character slots
- Loot Shrine and Loot Stash
- Customisable character skins and heads
- Special dragon loot

- More Ranged weapons
- New enemy types
- More loot & weapons
- More content for the Adventure Construction Kit
- Ability for adventure creators to group adventures into a campaign/story
- Ability for online host to manage their party
- Continual work on the Dragon battle system
- Steam Workshop for Character customisation
- Steam Achievements & Leaderboards

- Customisable character skins and heads (including Steam Workshop)
- More enemies and more enemy behaviours
- More loot & weapons
- More content for the Adventure Construction Kit
- Procedural dungeon system for alternate gameplay mechanic
- Online PvP death-match arena (battle out your best characters)
- Voice chat support for online games

- Fight The Dragon does not currently officially support SteamOS


Is this a full RPG?
Fight The Dragon includes some light RPG elements, like basic character stats, xp/levelling and unlocking of special abilities, but it is definitely more a Hack'n Slash game in the style of Gauntlet than a hard core RPG.

Is there a character level cap?
Yes. Right now we cap character levels at 50. As we add more loot and content and continue to re-balance things we will continue to lift the cap higher. How high? No idea yet ;)

How many character classes will there be?
We are currently planning on four classes, but if we find another class that we think suits and adds value to the game we will consider it.

Will there be Steam Workshop integration?
Yes. Initially we plan on adding workshop to allow character skins, head and hair customisation and sharing. Beyond that we will have to wait and see.

Will there be an in-game loot shop?
No, we are not planning shops. Instead we have the Loot Shrine.

You hand over unwanted loot and your precious gold and pray and awesome loot will just fall from the sky! The shrine also drops cool stuff like bonuses including extra stat points, extra bag slots and more.

Will we stomp your data during Early Access?
We are going to try SUPER hard not to stomp any user data or progress during Early Access, but we can't 100% promise. Sometimes we have to make some game breaking changes in order to implement new features or fix things. We think we have past that stage already with our pre-alpha testing but stuff happens during development. If we do need to stomp data we appreciate your understanding in advance.
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