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jason.goemaat 2013년 9월 25일 오전 2시 07분
Better scrolling, screen flashes sometimes, resolution, quest log?
Sometimes my screen flashes white in windowed mode.

I have one of those cheap Korean 27" 2560x1440 monitors which has a higher DPI so things look pretty small to me. I found where to increase the dialog font size, but it would be nice to be able to zoom the whole interface to 150% or 200%. Playing in 1280x720 fullscreen looks ok, but I like windowed mode so I can watch youtube or netflix on my second monitor.

Scrolling seems like a pain using the cursor keys. In windowed mode it's not very easy getting the mouse at the correct part of the edge of the screen and in fullscreen mode trying to move the cursor too far right goes off to my second monitor. Auto-scrolling when moving would be cool as an option. Also holding down the middle mouse button and drag-scrolling would fantastic!

A better quest log would be nice. I had trouble figuring out where to go for my first mission. He mentions something about caves, but then there seem to be caves and a dock on the top level. Down in the subway the guy won't let me go through without an ok from two people that won't say anything about it. Just moving out from the subway gets me killed quickly, and I'm not even sure if that is the right path... Everyone seems to tell me to get night vision goggles but I can't find them anywhere...
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FTP 2013년 9월 27일 오전 7시 56분 
I've being expericing scrolling issues especially on the vertical top direction....
Nighthawk 2014년 2월 21일 오후 2시 54분 
scrolling to the lower left part of the screen doesnt work...stops at the message board.
AiCola 2014년 2월 22일 오후 10시 25분 
About your quest: take the elevator to the level where the docks and caves are.
Right outside the elevator there is a guy that you need to talk to, he is behind some kind of bars I think.
He operates the security door an can let you outside.
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