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Adelion Jan 28, 2014 @ 7:22am
Questions concerning some skill and possible feats
I have looked in the underrail wiki and the ones I'm thinking of have not been desribed there. I would like to know if there are plans to make the Persuasion/Intimidation skills a bit more useful. Right now there are some situations that I can solve without violence and I enjoy it. I also can live if they don't get "more useful". But here are some thing I thought of:
- I like the idea of the Yell. Intimidate your ennemies. It could be an idea to give another feat for a higher skill value like "Initimadating aura" which leads to weaker creatures not attacking you anymore aslong as they are not lead by a stronger one (like the rathound alpha). Would be interesting in fight that you kill the leader and the rest runs away. Or if coupled with some sort of psi ability (thought control) that you can persuade weaker creatures to go against there kind because they see better survival chance in doing so. Could also be extended to extremely will weaked people. It would be an interesting feat to form the battlefield or to avoid fighting the weaker wildlife (depending on your intimidation skill?). Or even lure human ennemies into a pack of rathounds.
- A thought control ability which gives you new dialog options. So that you are implementing your will into that of another person. I'm not 100 % sure how the thought control works. Does the victim feel that someone is messing with their mind? In that case you could/should(?) couple the ability with the persuasion skill so that you slip it into their mind while talking.

I know that this game is not really meant to be played without fighting but it would reward high skill level in intimadtion/persuasion and create new possible tactics.
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Leto Jan 28, 2014 @ 11:14am 
In my current character I invested a lot in these two skills.
And I have only been useful on 2 occasions.
I will stop investing in them to invest in traps and some other craft.
Adelion Jan 30, 2014 @ 1:40am 
Yea, I know there are only few situations where you need them. Out of the head I just remember those: Avoid fighting the scavenger in outpost number 5, getting into level 3 of GMS without fighting (and if coldhearted enough solve it without fighting), avoid paying the tax on the junkyard, avoid fighting and killing cliff, persuade SGS into helping the eels and probably solivng the faceless quest at Rail Crossing without anyone dying. And maybe, just maybe avoid killing Elwood. But I have a freaking high value and I still can't intimidate him .....
Seriously someone who knows just answer this: If in the dialogue there is an option with [Intimidate], will it be succesful if I just have a value high enough? Or are there intimidate options that will never be succesful even if I had a value of 1000?

As for the usefulness of those skills: I know they are most time useless but you know: I prefer playing a weaker character that can change the outcome of those few situations instead of the stronger character who has to shoot his way through half of the underrail. And as soon as I unlock the super special awesome level 20 feat "Born leader" (needs 100 Persuasion and Intimidation) I will access the secret endgame where I unify the Underrail single handed ^^. That would be some kind of epic easter egg.
Adelion Feb 1, 2014 @ 4:30am 
Actually if you consider game content and not how long you need to play there are not too few occassions (I think I wrote this wrong....) and most important plot points can be atleast influenced with those skills.
I think my wish for solving minor conflicts just with words is unreasonable since the world is intended to be hostile.

As for Elwood: I ended up killing him again -__- I lost patience with an effective intimidation skill of over 100 and still no reaction. Too bad I have no savegame before anymore because I should just ignore this mission completely. In Oddity Setup it doesn't give you any benefit.
Excited for Rail Crossing today and if I can really complete it the way I wish. Have just to think if I use that EMP or whatever happens while activating that thing.

All in all I have to say a high int/will character build is working good in this game. I have finally reached the point where I can craft MK IV Grenades so none of the remaining ennemies should be too much of a hassle for me.
malfunction (Banned) Feb 1, 2014 @ 11:42pm 
Originally posted by loliturma:
PS. you can avoid killing Elwood if you pickpocket the key and you can even raid his place without the key if you hack the door. Dunno if you can get the quests done this way though.
I think you can. My second playthrough after I pickpocketed the key I decided to go straight to Elwood's place to get the disk and upon returning I just had to go through the dialouge with Eddy and listen to him tell me what to do, then re-initiate dialogue and the option to tell him I had the disk was there. So I think you could 'complete' this quest without having talked to Eddy first, you will just have to go through all the dialouge options with him to officially complete the quests.

I think it would be good if you had the specific items then you could access unique dialogue with the character, i.e:
"I've got ajob for you, I need you to find a guy called Elwood and get his key..."
"Oh, been there done that, raided his house too"
"Find anything?"
"A weird disk.."
"Awesome, heres your pay and XP"
Obviously that's just a vague example. Many RPGs do things like this, plus it's not unlikely for someone playing the game whos invested in pickpocket to go around robbing people and meet Elwood and think "Hmm a card key, wonder where this leads too."...

I am a bit disapointed with the lack of overall social skill use, but as someone mentioned above it does play a bigger role when it is available. I think the point of that is to emphasize a harsh/ruthless world where, in many cases, your gun should do the talking :)
Adelion Feb 3, 2014 @ 5:43am 
Played Rail Crossing at the weekend again with the conversation build and I am most satisfied with the outcome. Not only did I avoid any bloodshed but thanks to thought control could also garner some additional information about the faceless. That alone satisfies me enough to justify all those points on persuasion and intimidation although I need intimidation more often but that is the world of underrail. Could even avoid fighting the bandits which were loitering one of the way to Rail Crossing.
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