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Mega Cool Guide for Super Amzing Wagon Adventure
by TsarNicholas II
Everything you need to know to survive the journey west. Spoilers!...
Universal Facts & Advice for a Super Amazing Adventure
by decimator1337
This guide will tell universal facts about the game, wicked, tricksy, false shenanigans it has up its sleeves, and secrets that may be found....
How to get all the Wagons Easy and Safe.
by PaintWithCookie Follow my Tumblr
Hello today im going to show you my first Guide! and how to get all the wagons easy and safe. ...
The trail and stuff.
by Mwoon
How to live forever....
The Amazing Guide To Unlocking (Discontinued)
by AvianGaming
This super amazing guide of epicness will tell you how to unlock the unlockables (Such as carriages and survival maps and such) in a way that will blow your mind. Well, maybe not. depends on how you look at it. See, this was made during the times of the p...
How to win the ultra-hard Survival levels
by Mwoon
This Is a hopefully ultra-helpful guide to surviving the survival....