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Demian Dec 22, 2013 @ 11:17pm
READ FIRST: How to get technical support

To get technical support, please go to the official help forum at


Then follow these steps:

If you have a technical problem with the game (blank screen, crashes, mouse not responding, etc.) nobody can help you unless we have some information about your computer and your game.

When making a new thread asking for help you must post your console.log file. This can be found in your Steam folder:

Upload the file to one of the free file hosts below and add the link to your post.

Privacy notice: The console.log will contain the name of your user account on the computer. If you do not want this to be seen by everyone you can delete it yourself by opening the console.log in Notepad or similar text editor. The file is a regular text file.

Alternatively you may also upload the contents of the console.log file to Pastebin. I personally prefer this method as it is easier and also allows you to promptly remove your personal info from the log file while you're at it. Simply open the console.log file in any text editor (It really is just a text file.), select everything, copy and paste the contents to Pastebin and press "Submit".

For gameplay problems like how to make bots or where to download add-ons you do not need to post this information. Just ask your question.
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