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Mr.Quack Mar 18 @ 3:42pm
Super Murder Mystery - Why was it removed?
I don't exactly see why port shut it down on Git Hub, and after that Blocko stopped hosting it. I have a leaked version and the only bug i found was when your the maf you cant see names until you get damaged. The weapons just dont work because addons are private. here is a thread i found (THE GAMEMODE DOWNLOAD FOR SMM DOES NOT WORK. I TRIED IT AND IT WOULD NOT SHOW IN GAMEMODES LIST.) And port said "I removed it from GitHub for a reason." What was the reason? Was he making a new one? Was the addon getting old? Was it because of bugs and they are fixing it? What was the reason? I couldn't see why somone would remove a gamemode that is fun as hell.
Date Posted: Mar 18 @ 3:42pm
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