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thirdcurse 2013年7月15日 7時12分
Mouse Problems:/ Need Help Please?
So I recently bought Lugaru HD while it was on the summer sales on Steam but basically Whenever I play it I have this problem where I cant turn the camera around quickly or it just stops and wont move unless I inch the camera around very slowly. This isn't good for when I'm in some sort of fight sequence and I cant turn around quick enough to get a hit. Anyway, I think this problem is occurring because my game cant be forced into widescreen which I think means the mouse wont leave the screen, the screen stays at 1024x768 (my monitor is 1366x768) no matter how much I change the config.txt file. I save the config file into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Lugaru HD\Data which I'm sure is right but if anyone could correct this it would be greatly appreciated.

By the way I'm using Windows 8.
Thanks for the help. - Broccoli
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Linkarena 2013年7月25日 13時02分 
Hm. I have no clue what's going on there, that's decently unique from what I can tell.
Jackal 2013年10月6日 4時58分 
It's a FPS issue. I was getting about 255 or something and it also made dropped weapons ricochet all over the map. Try forcing vsync with your video card. I just cranked everything up till I got around 75 fps. I think you can also activate the vsync in lugaru's config file. Here's the link I found about it
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