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TheKillerKitteh 2013年6月12日上午7:23
How to beat the wolves?
♥♥♥♥... ♥♥♥♥... ♥♥♥♥... ♥♥♥♥! I can't beat the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ wolves can someone explain better ways of defeating them please?
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icculus  [开发者] 2013年6月13日下午3:16 
Counter a lot, and don't ever sit still. They're beatable, it's just the difficulty is ramped way up compared to rabbits.

In many cases, getting detected at all is a death sentence, since fighting more than one wolf at a time is bad news. Try to sneak up and insta-kill from behind when you can, when other wolves won't notice. Fight with weapons instead of fists when possible.
TheKillerKitteh 2013年6月14日上午12:32 
Sneaking doesn't work, they are too fast and they will smell you first
Dragonbrad 2013年6月14日上午7:16 
By sneaking I think he means doing the Rabbit run, which is done by holding shift and pressing W then releasing shift while still holding W. ..Or something like that. Anyway, wolves are extremely difficult, yes. But beatable. Easiest way is to counter, then kick them on the ground and wait for them to stand up then punch them immediatly after they stand and then send a kick to their face. They will fly and end up on the ground once again that's when you repeat the process. If you do it right they basically become a ragdoll punching bag and can't do anything to hurt you while you're beating them up. Just be very careful though as they can kill you in one hit with those kicks.
darksnow96 2013年11月16日下午1:30 
They can only smell the blood on your knife
Thomasasia 2013年11月24日下午8:42 
Well, if you confuse them by flipping, you can do all kinds of moves against him. Also, if you have a sword (Knives work to but are more difficult), knock them on the ground then quickly hold SHIFT then click. You will stab him on the ground, instantly killing him. I killed the end-game boss this way. I killed him in two shots!!
Thomasasia 2013年11月24日下午8:44 
You can do it with stalves too!
TheKillerKitteh 2013年11月26日上午1:28 
THANK YOU, finally something that can get me starting on playing the rest of the game!
icculus  [开发者] 2013年11月26日上午7:13 
Oh, also, if you have a bloody knife or sword, stab it into the ground to clean off the blood, so they can't smell it. This lets you sneak up on one, stab him, sneak up on the next, etc.
Mr_Rigby[SGFC] 1月4日下午9:58 
I swear swords are completely useless in this game, I've only ever got about 3 hits in on low level rabbits, whenever it's actual combat it's just a back and forth of counter disarming.
TheKillerKitteh 1月8日下午5:07 
dude, I was stuck ages ago, I'm good now
LonePiper 1月9日上午5:22 
If you really want to use an exploit, use the jump kick. The penalty for failing it is pretty low, and if you pull it off it's completely brutal, especially when you smack one guy into another guy!
Of course when a wolf is on to your tactic he'll counter every time. That's when you just need to jump around and flip a bit and attack him from another angle.
Not that I encourage using exploits, but if you're absolutely stuck, it may help you out.
rrr598 3月16日上午11:55 
Dammit, CARE that there's a knife in your chest!
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