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LonePiper Jan 9 @ 5:57am
Seems unfinished
Don't get me wrong, the battle mechanics alone make me feel my purchase is worth it.
However, the game is incredibly short, there's a remarkable lack of variety in gameplay and level design and the dialogue and story are haphazard and clumsy.
I'm glad wolfire are working on Overgrowth - it looks awesome. I just hope they put a little more effort into making the game feel whole and complete rather than sinking all of their effort into polishing the mechanics and neglecting the other aspects of the game.
I also play receiver, and it seems to be a common theme with the devs.
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Madd the Sane Jan 9 @ 12:58pm 
Both games were made with a deadline, IIRC. Lugaru, again IIRC, was made as a school project. Reciever was made as a 7-day coding competition (7-day Mojam, IIRC). With Overgrowth, they are taking their own sweet time to complete and polish it.
Ghost.Lotus Apr 18 @ 6:36pm 
I have to agree. I just bought this tonight and already destroyed it.
Overgrowth is pretty awesome, but I certainly hope that there is more to the story than a short little blip like this one has. The gameplay is awesome - a little choppy at times, but nothing that is game-breaking.
Overgrowth has a mutated and evolved version of the combat system that is much more fluid and a whole helluva lot more fun to play with, and with how awesome the system is, I really hope the game will have an awesome story.

Ninja bunnies. Such awesome.
chess123mate Apr 29 @ 10:32am 
Personally, I've found Lugaru's combat to be amazing. I was able to sink hundreds of hours into the demo alone!
Eventually I did purchase the game; I definitely agree the story is weak, but I knew that going into the purchase - it's the challenge levels that I find myself replaying over and over! =D
I also developed a "mod" for Lugaru (using Cheat Engine). It offers a few challenges, including:
-Making enemies giants (more powerful but slower)
-Making them "midgets" (weaker, but very fast and dangerous)
-Letting the enemies know where you are at all times
-Give all your enemies (and yourself) swords and force them to hang on to the weapon (makes "disarming" ineffective)
among lots of "fooling around" modes, too. It also fixes "ghost weapons" (a bug where sometimes an enemy will have an invisible weapon) and offers "skip end of round wait time".
If you're interested:
-Steam discussion:
-Original topic:

Also, if you check out the wolfire forums, I've seen a few threads about "map packs" you might try using, if you just want more levels.
Venzor Kikila Jun 24 @ 2:47am 
It certainly is unpolished but I got it cheap so for me it was worth it's value when I played through it on all difficulties. One thing that could have added something was multiplayer but can understand why it is not there. I did have some fun changing weapon skins and replaying the game just to see how some worked out, outside of that me and a friend both tried to time attack the game side by side to see who could be fastest otherwise it is something that could have used more development.
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