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LAN - yes or not? Is internet required to play?
and how to point the game to use LAN instead of internet???

I have 4-6 PCs on my home etwork all having Forced we love to play. If torrent is behind, it just doesnt work.

WHY? I was told by devs that game is LAN capable. If so, why doesnt it use the option?
Also, what happens when server and one or two PCs are on LAN, and several players are on internet?
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Zicandaro May 7, 2014 @ 1:19am 
Really happy to hear you like the game!
We are currently using steams network solution to handle connecting between computers. As it stands currently I do NOT believe that it will be able to find games without internet. And how steam actually connects between the computers is nothing I know.
As for being able to play locally, by "local co-op" we refer to being able to play on the same computer, with additional players using controllers. Main player can also use a controller if he or she prefers.
If multiple people are on a LAN and some on the internet, it would be steam's network that decides how the connections are handled.
If multiple people are playing on one computer they can still play with others not on that computer.

I hope this answers your questions?

Best Regards
athelasloraiel May 10, 2014 @ 2:13am 
thank you, but I'd like to know more - you should know how steam handles connections since problems might arise from that.

I'd really like to have a game played on LAN truly.sometimes net isnt available.
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