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Blackened Halo Jan 12, 2014 @ 1:24am
Death of ...(SPOILER)
Well is there a way to save Niam from her terrible death in the gladiator arena during the 9th horde? I suppose that if i werent asking a man (i dont remember his name) for dreamweed, she wouldnt be "high" on the 3rd day and she would be able to fight ...or am i wrong?
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Nope, nothing you can do.
Blackened Halo Jan 12, 2014 @ 1:35am 
:OO...really? :( ...ah disappoitment :( ...i think it is a pretty consequence that I was asking (as Niam) for dreamweed..I thought if I werent asking, that man wouldnt know that Niam likes it and he wouldnt give her this drug on the 3rd day of Nine Hordes. :( ...well, as i said, im disappointed now :(
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Don't worry, it'll work out fine. You should have 5 characters now anyway.
Blackened Halo Jan 12, 2014 @ 2:01am 
but from the perspective of replayability, it could have been much better, if it the game had been designed like I said above :D
..anyways, no i have still 4 because im stuck on a frustrating flackback quest - I and Aurelia are hunting 5 crypt lices - Lysander needs their shells for something god this "easylooking" quest is much harder than the whole Nine hordes :DDD :((( nah, thats terrible :(
That battle is the worst in the game - tedious, and horrible. I think everyone hates it. You can get both characters to the door and try and slug it out. I think they have a potion or 2 so be sure to use those.

I think the proper way to do it, and I have more success(but it's still tedious and no fun) is to get Aurelia to the door area. Then use your main character to run strategically left and right, trying to avoid getting trapped by the lice, as that is likely doom. Let Aurelia cast Witches Bile. When she occasionally manages to tip one over, it's completely vunerable and cant avoid your powerblow. Kill and move on. You won't do it every time, and like I said, I hate it. Obviously it can be done though. Good Luck. There are tough battles to follow, but that's the worst in game.
Blackened Halo Jan 12, 2014 @ 2:16am 
thank you for your advices...yes this battle is terrible, really bad ..its not hard its really frustrating! ...:/ another - (minus) point for Blackguards :(
I know. I hate aspects of it, but it's mostly a fun game. I've just started my 5th playthough(3rd on Hard), so I guess I love it more than hate it.

It's a real struggle on first playthrough, cos you have no idea what abilities work well and what don't. I now know what works for me, and most battle aren't too bad even on hard. I dread that lice one every time though.
Blackened Halo Jan 12, 2014 @ 2:35am 
i finally made it this time ..uff..but Aurelia died and my character ran away with 1 HP ..but at least i got rid of this quest...

yeah Blackugards is a fun game, i like it a lot, but theres a couple of "buts" :) but still, this is Early Access
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Blackened Halo Jan 12, 2014 @ 2:39am 
lol....Chapter 3 already? I dont know, but Chapter 2 seems much shorter than Chapter 1 to me
Well done - bet you're happy now.


Not sure - there must be about 12 - 15 battles in Ch2 for a guess. Probably about the same as Ch1. Chapter 3 is by far the best, and most fun. There are a couple of battles you want to leave untill right near the end though, and others you will hate untill you find the right tactic. You can start to get on top of the game a bit in Ch3. Again, you'll not know what talents and spells to work towards - so you'll enjoy your second playthrough more.

Blackened Halo Jan 12, 2014 @ 2:54am 
yes :) thank you :) ...but dont forget, Chapter 5 (i think its a final one) will arrive soon :)
Yep, I'll looking forward to that one, hope it's a long one like 3.
My opinion on the 5 lice battle, is that it would still be hard, but would be more fun if they didn't keep spawning - or at least if you could run and shut the holes before any more came out. I think the challenge would be more acceptable to most if you only had 5 to deal with, reducing as you killed them.
Blackened Halo Jan 12, 2014 @ 3:38am 
thats definitely right! :) I was looking for a way to shut those bloody holes down, but I couldnt do it :/ ...I hope Daedalic will notice it and fix it :)
Shackleton Jan 12, 2014 @ 10:16am 
Seeing the holes, I stayed at the bottom half of the screen for that fight, (where the 5 lice spawn). I kept my two chars at the tightest point so only 2 lice could come at a time and used Aurelia's Witches spit to knock one of the into stun. (It seemed to work more on the lice than any enemy afterwards!). Then only one attacked at a time and it was much easier.

Once the lice up top started to come out, they all had to take a perception check as I was far away and they all failed. They even ignored me when I killed the 5 and ran up top to the exit.

I might just have been very lucky, but the fight was pretty easy like this and my main char was an archer!
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