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Ayven Oct 26 @ 6:02am
Some recommendations
I really like Delver, especially its artstyle and roguelikeness. But at this stage it looks like it has some missed opportuinities. Now, I know that the full release is on its way, but I wanted to write something down anyway.

1) To put it short, the game is too easy. The only hard part for me is the endgame, where I was already killed 7 times. The only way to die before that is by your own fireball or by falling into a pit.
Flying enemies are okay, but most melee enemies are a joke. They are too weak, and most importantly, too slow to hit you or to counter-attack. You can kill goblins in sewers with a starting dagger easily. The only enemies capable of killing the player are mages.
But the endgame is another case. I kill the lich with arrows easily, but after picking the orb I usually get swarmed by enemies, unable to move. They just spawn too fast? Plus last time I was killed by a skeleton in 2 hits (I had 42 HP). He took me unaware because I thought they couldn't deal that much damage.

2) Items. I find Dawn and Dusk in EVERY run. One time I found two Dawns and two Dusks in a single run. I thought they were unique? Either way I end up using them every time.
Some wands (like ice) are too weak, scrolls are mostly useless. So items could be improved as well, imho.
Of course it would be great if more content would be added, but it's up to developers. I just wanted to get some light on what's already in game.
Here I said it
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P0P218 Oct 26 @ 6:05am 
i would think more unique and dangerous enemies would be intresting. less in tanky HP and high damage attacks and more creative enemies. like a creature that can hide in water and ambush you. or a thing that crawls on walls you know
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