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Nawa Von-Krieger 2013年10月22日 23時21分
How do I use them? Mainly I'm trying to heal my werewolf by making him drink a vitamin drink but I don't know how to, he's almost dead and won't drink the blasted thing, is it automatic or do I need to do something?
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Dentorhedge_of_the_Victorious_Mu 2013年10月23日 4時19分 
It can only be consumed during a battle, and a monster will only consume it when its health is low.
Nawa Von-Krieger 2013年10月23日 17時36分 
Wouldn't 15/116 hp count as low enough then? Because that was it's health at the end of the previous fight and it still hasn't drunk the vitamin drink
Rollout 2013年10月24日 17時32分 
It will only use an item DURING a fight, once they've been sent out and returned to their rooms, while the battle still wages. If the battle has concluded, they'll just rest to restore themsevles.
Nawa Von-Krieger 2013年10月25日 12時49分 
Oh! They have the return inside during the battle to use it... Well that'd be nice if the game said so Thanks now I know
IcedTKitty 2013年10月25日 17時38分 
You basically have to click on him again while he is in battle, and then, he will turn around and go back into his room and drink the potion/health item
Elidas 2013年12月4日 3時40分 
And how do you use the love ballon?
The_Prophet_Of_Ruin 2013年12月17日 6時33分 
Send him out and back in
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