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Frit_/x/ 2013年10月10日 14時51分
Custome resolution?
There are only trhee of them .. no one is matching my nativ desktop resolution :(
is there an workaround?
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LazyLizard 2013年10月10日 20時17分 
What kind of resolutuion you want? I know theres a wonky program around that can force shrink older games that do not have a windowed option.
Frit_/x/ 2013年10月11日 4時12分 
1366x768 ^^

but this game is not so old? I change often this in a .ini of a game that dont have any resolution... but i cant find any .ini in UH?!
Frit_/x/ 2013年10月17日 7時50分 
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