OrangeKnight Jan 15 @ 5:04am
How do I find more monsters?
I've already upgraded the apartment complex to the maximum level and gone pretty far into the game and I'm just wondering how do you unlock some of the monsters because so far I only found half of the monsters mentioned inside the bestiary or is it either that they appear randomly during the game.

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Gammagamer Jan 15 @ 5:09am 
There are some missions you can do to get more monsters or you have to get a lot of respect of the kind of monster your getting and wait with a vacant room.
OrangeKnight Jan 15 @ 5:29am 
Thanks for the quick reply, I'm probably going try and finish some of the side quests to see how it goes

If anyone reading this have any tips or information regarding to this topic feel free to post a comment
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baby sloth Jan 15 @ 6:44am 
The first three monsters of each type are unlocked by happiness of that particular monster, some of the fourth monsters are a bit tricky. (Elementals, for example, pretty much need plants in every single room.) The Bestiary will give you hints at what the monster likes, and most of them are straight forward.

For the fourth (and perhaps third, I'm not sure) tier of monsters you'll need to do a quest. Before you take the quest it'll note whether or not it'll unlock a monster, so it's easy to find if they're available.
OrangeKnight Jan 15 @ 6:19pm 
wow thanks I didn't notice that earlier,kinda seems impossible to get all the monsters in one playthrough though,what a shame.
baby sloth Jan 15 @ 7:01pm 
It took two playthroughs for me, mostly because of the different groups of monsters disliking each other. I heard you can get them all happy and living together, but it requires a lot of expensive furniture.
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