Uther Jan 4 @ 8:45am
Can neighbours become lovers?
I'm wondering because I have a male and female skeleton living next to each other. Can only incoming people at the board move in as lovers or can neighbours hit it up too?
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Excrucian Jan 4 @ 12:16pm 
As far as I know (keep that in mind) no. They need to be coming from outside and read the sign on the board that says "Room 103 is looking for love!"
Rigby44 Jan 4 @ 12:27pm 
They should, it would make sense, perhaps an update will be added later.
Jan 4 @ 1:04pm 
Yes I've seen neighbors become lovers and move into one apartment.
Doesn't happen too often though.
Yes, it can happen. It has happened to me on a few occasions.
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onioukami Jan 4 @ 7:32pm 
Yes, it happened to me not long after I started playing. I had two of the same species living two doors down from each other and they moved in together. I don't double up on species anymore though, I like having one each.
Lane Jan 5 @ 1:36pm 
Yes they can! It just happened for me. I had a male skeleton living above the female, and then he just moved in with her.
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skyepie Jan 6 @ 12:57am 
It does happen! I only wish it'd happen more frequently because I had two zombie familes, one of them had a baby boy and the other a baby girl and I really hoped they'd move in together and create super zombie babies, but they didn't. :( I tried again with the next generation but they just kept getting their own lovers.
MandaPanda Jan 6 @ 3:45pm 
Yes, it can happen. Just be patient as it takes some time. It took me about 15-20 days before they moved in together :)
PhyreMatrix Jan 7 @ 6:47am 
What I'd like is if there's 3 people living in a room and one of them isn't in a relationship that they can move into a different room so there would be enough space for the other 2 to procreate.
granolaking Feb 24 @ 1:39pm 
Nobody is going to say anything about skeletons boning?? Oh, I am disappointed!
The Red King Apr 22 @ 5:47am 
Seriously, just use the love balloon.
Misaio the Demoness May 30 @ 12:01am 
Actually, I just had a family of QPD raise a daughter. In another part of the building I had a single QPD, gave him a love balloon, and the daughter moved out just to live with the single QPD. Sunrise, sunset.
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