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*BUG* Crashes sound on exit and wont restart
So the game plays fine. I play for an hour or so, save and exit. My sound crashes upon exit and wont come back on. I try to reload game and it does nothing. Other games load and play fine, just with no sound. Unholy Heights will not start.

I restart my computer and it works fine again. When I exit the game, same thing happens. Sound crashes for my entire computer again and Unholy Heights wont restart.

I have to do a complete shutdown and reboot of my PC everytime this happens as just doing a restart doesnt always fix it.

Running Windows 8 64 bit All drivers are up to date through Windows and HP (just did another check to verify).

*edit* The sound may be unrelated. Today I have no sound on anything and I havent played Unholy Heights. That may be something on my end, but Unholy Heights wont launch.

*second edit* Found the problem. It was a driver conflict. I uninstalled AMD Catalist Control Center (and all associated files/drivers) and everything works fine now. I may have had the wrong version installed.
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