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The Escape Artist's Handbook [WIP]
by Harcile
Struggling to get beyond the first few levels? Here's some handy tips for making deeper runs into the Dungeon of the Endless....
Lets pretend we are good at DotE
by 「 」
This guide is for cheaters. Cheaters who want to test ideas or cheaters who arent good enough at the game. Welcome to the very basics of bending a game to your will....
Hero Stats (Version Alpha 0.5.2)
by mrpereyda
A work in progress which will be updated as I get more info. Eventually I will hope to add some items and gameplay tips, but for now I have the base stats, as well as the stats per level for all of the characters except for Hikensha....
Major Module stats.
by katherine0852
Health, defense, effects and Wit bonuses for each major module. From the game files (version 0.8.7; retrieved July 27th, 2014)....
DotE技巧与策略指南中文版 (DotE Tricks/Strategies Tutorial Chinese Version)
by ccpp132
Dungeon of the Endless中文版指南,给大家提供一些思路。...
A Guide to Ayairi, the Merchant's Puppy
by A Pedophile Gnome
If you so happen to stumble across this "Hero" during your playthrough, it would be best to stop here quick and learn how to use Ayairi. She is very fragile, and posses a vast array of useful skills, so you should know how to properly use her without putt...
Hero combinations
by Swerge
A simple guide to find the hidden history between the character of Dungeon of the Endless...
Dungeon of the Endless 全成就指南
by Newbility
DotE 100% Acheivement Chinese Guide 有问题请留言,觉得有用的话麻烦点个赞~ 本指南Steamcn版本:
Русификация игры
by Amvi
Dungeon of the Endless™ Japanese Guide (日本語ガイド)
by gipsydog