RailMan28 | LGNS Jun 30 @ 8:06pm
Why aren't my games working
Both this game (NFS: Shift) and Shift 2: Unleashed {both i recently purchased during the summer sale} crashes at the same point before i can start a race and the error message says "this game has stopped working". I have all the lastest drivers installed. I run Windows 8. Can anyone please help me fix this problem.
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Dot Matrix Jul 24 @ 4:12pm 
I have the same problem with NFS: SHIFT, after the start of carreer video the game loads and then crashes.

Windows 7 Home Premium
Intel i7-4770k (overclocked)
Nvidia GTX 770
RailMan28 | LGNS Jul 24 @ 4:57pm 
i found the solution recently after i posted this, i deleted the most recent nvidia physX i had installed and installed the older version which is 9.10 and now both games are working fine.
Dot Matrix Jul 26 @ 8:09am 
Yes I re-installed PhysX and now it works, even though I had the latest version installed previously.
According to what I looked up on it this is a bug that has been around for a long time which shouldn't be hard to fix, just remove the PhysX from the game installer and add the latest PhysX installer to Steam so it installs the first time when you start the game, same as it does with DirectX and other middleware.
Unarmed Turkey Jul 26 @ 12:57pm 
Just to point out, Its not going to be possible for everybody to do this, But I only use Windows to play games so had no issues in trying this, But I created a new Windows User and then tried to play Shift and it worked perfectly for me, No graphics drivers or PhysX files were updated/rolled back. Just launched and worked.
a.stent Aug 1 @ 4:48pm 
I have this exact same problem with NFS1. However, I have previously played 15 hours without problem. I recently came back to the game and it keeps crashing at this same point. I have deleted local content and reinstalled to a different hard-drive, but it still crashes. I have read the advice about PhysX but, am I right that this is for Nvidia cards? I have AMD HD 6800. Does anyone have any ideas, please?
Killer7 Aug 1 @ 6:39pm 
PhysX is Nvidia, so I would assume it would be for Nivida cards.
a.stent Aug 2 @ 8:50am 
Problem solved (although I now feel like a fool!). I have scoured the internet and tried many suggested solutions, all to no avail. Then I thought to check Control Panel and discovered that PhysX had got itself installed on my machine, despite me not having anything to do with Nvidia on my PC. I uninstalled and am now playing Shift again. Hooraay.
a.stent Aug 2 @ 3:41pm 
......however, Shift 2 still will not work.
Killer7 Aug 2 @ 7:29pm 
Lol. I haven't installed Shift 2 yet. What's going on with it?
Dot Matrix Aug 3 @ 7:08pm 
AMD uses PhysX too in cpu mode, so AMD users need to install PhysX drivers as well.
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Phoenix | N4E Aug 5 @ 1:15am 
im using a mbp retina, on bootcamp, still havent figured out how to fix the problem, any suggestion?
Jakee Aug 5 @ 4:41am 
or you could try this, first go to the .exe in this discussion shift.exe select properties. click the compatability tab I think it is down near bottom select run as admin, click apply then head over to your documents clickie under start button locate the NFS shift folder open it and there should
be a file named grapicsconfig.xml delete that file and restart your game the auto config might have tanked, game will make a new one soon as it launches ie black screen box upper left for 1 second should now launch full! and game should start fine. if it does not fix it then you can allways go to your recycle bin and restore that file and wonder why your game dont start because it is machine related, and prolly not the games fault.. I hope this helps good luck!
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