Varzyl May 31 @ 4:34am
Linux version?
Hi developers, in humble bundle is avaiable linux version, why not in steam?
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[LINUX] RyuzakiKK May 31 @ 5:01am 
+1, I hope to see the linux version on steam
TheLimeyDragon May 31 @ 7:54am 
The Linux version requires mono to run. Which is probably the reason for the delay getting it on steam. May 31 @ 8:09am 
There are other games on Steam for Linux that require MonoGame and work very well, like FEZ and Reus. Both of those were ported by Ethan Lee with his MonoGame-SLD2 framework, so I hope Draw a Stickman can take advantage of that work and come to Steam for Linux.
TheLimeyDragon May 31 @ 8:21am 
The developer appeard to have a bit of trouble getting it to run before the humble bundle release a few days ago: May 31 @ 8:55am 
In that case they should really ask for help from the Humble Bundle people, because I know Ethan Lee is one of the guys who does work for them and he has a lot of experience with MonoGame.
ϟϟ Illusion May 31 @ 2:42pm 
YEAH! why not?
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