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DaBPunkt 2013年9月5日下午2:08
[Linux] Two monitor-problem
thanks for making a linux-game.
I have the following problem: I use 2 monitors and the game is using both of it, putting the map in the middle of both monitors and split it. Not very useable. Could the games please run in a window too, instead of only fullscreen? And if it can only run in fullscreen, can it please only 1 monitor than?
Thanks in advantage.

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Pintea  [开发者] 2013年9月5日下午10:25 
Hi, sorry for the bug :)

A couple of solutions are listed in the readme.txt file:
Solution1: Disable the secondary monitor, delete the file /home/DoorKickers/options.xml and restart the game
Solution2: Run the game in windowed mode, by editing /home/DoorKickers/options.xml with desired width/height and mode=0

Resolution should preferably be in 16:9 format, like 1600x900.

We'll try to fix this for the next patch.
最后由 Vulpe Nebuna 编辑于; 2013年9月5日下午11:26
novocain 2013年9月6日上午4:52 
Hello, where is this file on Windows?
Been looking in both %appdata%, %localappdata% and My Documents.

Windowed mode, and borderless, would be great to have native support for in the game :)

Edit: Oh found it, \Documents\KillHouseGames\DoorKickers\ :)
最后由 novocain 编辑于; 2013年9月6日上午4:53
DaBPunkt 2013年9月7日下午5:06 
Thanks for the tip, changing the file works. Please notice that puting a config-dirs as a normal dir in the user-home is normaly a bad idea. Please use a hidden dir (change the dir-name from "DoorKickers" to ".DoorKickers") and if possible move it to the ".config-"sub-dir. Thanks :-).
d10sfan 2013年10月2日上午2:37 
Anything new on this?
Pintea  [开发者] 2013年10月2日上午3:54 
引用自 =(eG)= d10sfan
Anything new on this?
For now the bug can be fixed by manually editing the options file.

A proper fix is not yet in the game.
d10sfan 2013年10月4日上午7:48 
Is it planned to fix the game turning off the second monitor as well? Would be great to be able to play fullscreen on my primary monitor and the secondary monitor to be left alone
Pintea  [开发者] 2013年10月4日上午8:42 
Of course :)
We'll try to fix this stuff in the next update...
d10sfan 2013年10月4日上午9:17 
OK great thanks!
d10sfan 2013年10月21日上午11:18 
Anything new on this? Will this be fixed in the upcoming alpha update?
Pintea  [开发者] 2013年10月21日下午1:48 
Yup. Or at least 90% of the cases where it happens, let't hope you will not be in the 10% :)
d10sfan 2013年10月21日下午1:53 
Lol ok great
d10sfan 2013年10月22日下午8:02 
Latest update fixed it for me. Thanks!! :)
Pintea  [开发者] 2013年10月23日上午1:53 
Pfew :p
NoXPhasma 2014年1月4日上午4:45 
I'm using the Nvidia propritary drivers with 2 monitors and set to twinview.

For me the game starts always on the wrong monitor in fullscreen windowed, the left one. When I set in the options.xml to use monitor 1 instead of 0, it still starts on the same monitor.

When I set it to fullscreen, it starts the game on both monitors, mirroring.

It would be great if you can make it possible to choose the monitor on which the game starts. For the moment I have to play the game in window mode.
Beamboom 2015年6月17日下午1:27 
Location of the config file:
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