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Strummer 2013 年 12 月 5 日 @ 下午 11 時 08 分
Really liking it so far. Here's why...
- It's not turn-based. You can let the clock run if you hear a door opening and adjust.

- Level of management is exactly right. I do not want granular control over stance, etc.

- It feels like real CQB, not an abstracted version of it, like Frozen Synapse.

- It appears that silenced weapons combined with not using loud entries preserves stealth and does not alert enemies, if that's what you want. Can anyone confirm?

- For top-down 2-D it is visually convincing and, again, not abstracted.

- Weapon performance, sounds and effect are convincing and powerful.

- Extensive randomisation of enemy AI routines...I think...

This one's a keeper. I hope replays will be integrated with a YouTube upload feature, that would be very good.

Well done, devs!
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Pintea  [開發人員] 2013 年 12 月 6 日 @ 上午 1 時 45 分 
Every time someone says something good about our game, I get the urge to say: but wait! we still have so much more to do!

Thanks, we're glad people like the game at this stage :)
Strummer 2013 年 12 月 6 日 @ 上午 7 時 21 分 
Hey Pintea, can you confirm whether silencers and non-loud breaches affect enemy AI response to the threat?
Vulpe Nebuna  [開發人員] 2013 年 12 月 6 日 @ 上午 8 時 55 分 
All breaches can be heard, but at different distances. For example lockpicking is only heard at 3.5m distance. So if you're carefull, you should be able to use it as a stealth entry option.
ezfeeling 2013 年 12 月 6 日 @ 上午 9 時 45 分 
Hi Vulpe, a quick follow up question. How does flashbang affect stealth, and how does weapon differs in loudness? Specifically, are all smg generate equal amout of sounds?
Vulpe Nebuna  [開發人員] 2013 年 12 月 6 日 @ 上午 10 時 51 分 
Yeah, at the moment all non-suppressed weapons are heard at the same distance (normally all across the map, but we've toyed with some smaller distances in the past build).
[TTP] caw 2013 年 12 月 11 日 @ 上午 11 時 00 分 
I hope replays will be integrated with a YouTube upload feature
I talked with one of the devs, a replay function will be integrated. Idk about the YouTube part tho :D
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Door Kickers > 一般討論 > 主題細節
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