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Strummer 2014年1月3日 23時12分
Door Kickers Lvl 13, Golden Sunrise Hotel, 3-star, 00:16
OK, well usually I am modest and circumspect but in this run I am so fast, deadly and coordinated that I'm almost defying the laws of physics, it's like the friggin' Matrix in here. This one is in the ZONE.
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Dzordanas 2014年1月3日 23時20分 
HOLY ♥♥♥♥!!! Hahah that was Fast & Furious!
Strummer 2014年1月3日 23時31分 
Yippee kay yay, huh?

Lesson du jour: Stagger your breaches into adjacent rooms. That way, tangos in one room will turn towards the other, or even run towards the sound of the breach or gunfire next door. A simultaneous breach would not have displaced the guards in this way to the assaulter's advantage.
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