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Professor of Doom Dec 13, 2013 @ 6:10pm
Could someone explains how the game deals with tango's alert status and responses? They will hear me picking a lock if they are in the room. OK, fine I get that. But in other situations someone in a room will shoot their unsilenced weapon at me and no one in the house seems to be aware that there is a problem. If I choose to go in loud by breaching a door it seems that the whole level should shift into an alert status and change their behaver or patrol patterns. That doesn't seem to be the case. Or inversely, is it even possible to clear a level totally through stealth? Technically if not breached every door entry is kicking the door so is there a way to silently enter through a door?

I guess what I'm saying is if they are going to offer the option of silenced weapons then the game should truly have a stealth component more fleshed out than it appears to be at the moment. Otherwise what you really have is just a cooler sounding, less powerful gun that doesn't really effect gameplay.

Can anyone clarify this? I may just be missing something that is already there.
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Strummer Dec 14, 2013 @ 11:07am 
Two posts about this today, each making very reasonable points, I think. The devs have occasionally mentioned that they are working on the distances from which certain weapons can be heard, or not. Certainly this is a work in progress right now. It might be more complicated than it seems, as I imagine they have to factor in other calculations, such as intervening open doors, etc., in other words it might not be as simple as a line of sight calculation.

There's no doubt that the stealth mechanics could be honed and that the benefits to tactics and gameplay might be considerable. I think that gameplay right now tends not to offer stealth alternatives to loud breaches and shooting one's way through the level. It's often possible to "get the drop on" an unaware enemy but less easy to use stealth as a means of getting set up in position to take down an objective without having to fight your way to it. Ideally, using troopers with all silenced weapons -- not possible for more than two at a time right now -- should ideally empower the player to sneak through levels that he would otherwise have to fight his way through.

I wonder if true tactical stealth, tied into the use of suppressed weapons and viable as an alternative to confrontation, will ever be part of DK's core gameplay in the way that it was on certain Rainbow Six maps. I have posted about the "Stop Execution" , i.e. timed, hostage rescue missions being too difficult when you have no alternative to fighting your way across a level. This might be a reflection of my own shortcomings as a player able to move his units very fast through the map while killing enemies and preserving all trooper lives -- I tend to "slice the pie" rather carefully -- but it would be great to be able to plan and execute a stealth approach that would enable the player to circumvent frontal firefights; as a gameplay counterbalance, this might take him longer to reach his objective.
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Professor of Doom Dec 14, 2013 @ 11:54am 
Thanks for your points, I completely agree. I didn't mean my comments as a complaint, I just wasn't sure if I was missing something that was currently in the game, or was in development to be included. Truth is, I wouldn't even have brought it up (after all, a game called Door Kickers isn't exactly about promoting stealth) except for the fact that you can equip your troops with silenced SMGs so I assumed it was purposely in the game by design - or at least planned to be.

I encountered the same issue with the hostage mission you described. I discovered in that mission you basically have to ignore other hostages and just move across the map to the room where it says they are "soon to be executed." And this is where my questions about stealth began to be formed. I was successful shooting, breaching, and just in general making a racket as opposed to the previous times I was unsuccessful when being careful to be quiet so as to not alert the terrorist threatening the execution. Personally I would love the balancing between going in quiet or loud, but if that is not the designer's vision I understand. It is still a fun game, though just not as deep as I might like.
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