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IPunchedYourFamily May 10, 2014 @ 8:32pm
Any kind of story mode?
So I'm humming about buying this while there are a couple of bucks off on Humble store. But I'm wondering about one thing. Does the game have any kind of progression/story element?

I got jack of Breach and Clear in a day because it was all: there are some dudes in there with guns and your dudes have guns so go in there and gun the other guys with your guns and dont get gunned by their guns.

Ok, so it's cool that these top-down style games can generate interesting maps and are focussed on tactics first (like swat 2) but the main thing I miss about older Swat games is that the maps were actual scenarios wuth actual story elements? You had your home of a freeway sniper, creepy cult compound, etc. Some of those missions were so immersive where civvies and tangos reacted like they were part of the scenario in play, not like gun dudes in rooms full of dudes with guns.

So I guess that's the question. Is there any plan to do anything like that with this game or is it just going to be another case of tactical sandbox where you just gun around in different series of rooms. Even Swat on PSP while quite ordinary had story missions. Am I the only one that misses this element of the old tac games?
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Vulpe Nebuna  [developer] May 11, 2014 @ 12:20am 
No story at the moment, except the one you make up in your head. But keep in mind the game is not just about shooting the bad guy, so the handcrafted missions do have some sort of basic situation that you'd also get if the map would be part of the story.

Now, if we have our way, the aim of Door Kickers is to generate small stories by chaining generated missions on patterns, and infusing little story elements in the missions and briefings to have it make sense. But, again, we're really focused on generated stuff, as in having you guys play this over and over and over...
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