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[TDNL]SiC Feb 15 @ 10:57am
SiC's Sound Mod for Door Kickers (now on Steam workshop - Updated for Beta!)
Hey guys.
I figured not everyone might visit the official forums, hence the topic here. I wanted to let everyone know that I just updated a soundmod I started when Door Kickers was just released.

I thought the original weapon sounds were very basic and kind of underwhelming, and so I started this soundmod to spice it up.
The goal of the mod is authenticity (and it is about 90% authentic), and making the guns sound more visceral. No more will you hear soft *pop**pop*pop* sounds, now everybody will go out with a bang! Also, you'll now hear shellcasings drop on the ground.
Along with replacing every weapon sound I changed the sounds for the bomb explosion, breaching charges, footsteps, glass breaking and the flashbang for a deeper, richer soundscape.

Right now the version is 1.2.1 for Alpha 8, and you can download it here:;S_DoorKickers_SoundMod_v1.2.1.rar

I also made a preview sound to give you an idea of what the game sounds like with my mod (these are older footsteps in the video, they have been changed since the making of it):

I'd love to hear your feedback on the sounds, both positive and negative, and if there are any technical issues. Have fun playing the game!
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trotskygrad Feb 15 @ 4:03pm 
too much echo perhaps
[TDNL]SiC Feb 15 @ 4:58pm 
The echo is kind of what I was going for lol :)
I wanted to get across the feeling of guns actually being fired in small/medium-sized rooms for immersion, because this is what guns sound like when they are being fired in close quarters (as recorded by camera's obviously) and that is what the game is entirely about.
[TDNL]SiC Apr 17 @ 9:59am 
The mod is now available through Steam Workshop! This is the go-to method of using my mod, as in the future it will automatically keep the mod updated for you without the need for manually downloading and 'installing' it.
clement Apr 17 @ 12:31pm 
Nice mod, thank you!
[TDNL]SiC Jun 17 @ 4:35pm 
Had some fun getting my mod ready for the coming update.
I realized I didn't have a taser or a stinger grenade sound yet, so off I went looking for some good sounds. I didn't find a stinger grenade sound that I liked, so I set off creating one of my own based on an airsoft grenade and a bouncing basketball... And it turned out quite nice!
Other smaller changes are in too, but more on that when it releases. I'll probably make a new video of it too.
Corsa1r Jun 17 @ 6:49pm 
Wow, this sounds extremely authentic. Well done.

I will probably give this a download soon to try it out!
[TDNL]SiC Jun 22 @ 2:49pm 
- Updated for beta!
- The sound of shells falling on the ground are now a seperate sound instead of added on the back of each gunshot.
- Increased volume level for some shotguns a little bit.
- Decreased the volume level of footsteps a little bit.
- Decreased the volume of the MP40 a little bit.
- Added tazer sound.
- Added stinger grenade sound.
- Added new weapon sounds: Sig MPX, Sig MPX-SD, MP5A3-SD, Honey Badger (300 BLK), HK VP9, 14" Remington 870, M26 LSS, Saiga 12K Taktika.
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Strummer Jun 23 @ 12:15am 
Superb mod, great for those who want a little more dramatic impact in mission videos. Great that the Steam mod system allows us to switch all addons on or off and update once subscribed.
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