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[LEDS] TROY9109 2013年8月25日 1時51分
BF2: complete collection crashes when i start the game
When i click play, there is a black screen for a couple of seconds and then crashes to desktop.

I know this problem has been discussed before but ive tried altering video.con file, running in compatibility mode etc. (im using windows 8 you see) but nothing seems to work :( although when i ran it in xp compatibility mode, i noticed the black screen turned into a smaller black screen then crashed, so that changed something.

I'm using a brand new gaming computer with a 1920x1080 tv monitor.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Blacknyt43 2013年8月29日 1時36分 
Try unchecking the ingame box in properties. Unplug any usb devices' such as an xbox controller. verify game files and such.
Blacknyt43 2013年8月29日 1時47分 
OOps I meant ingame overlay.
[LEDS] TROY9109 2013年8月29日 7時02分 
Thanks for your reply, I tried all those things but it still won't start, still just a black screen and then a crash.
SydneyPolska the Doritos King 2013年8月29日 10時22分 
try this
1. go to a store
2. have money
3. buy this PC
Intel Core i7-3770S Ivy Bridge
8GB Ram
GTX680 x2 SLI
WildAce 2013年10月6日 12時16分 
Exactly the same problem over here, I did everything you did TROY9109 and nothing worked. No wonder PC is not the King of the gaming comunity >:(
Dylan3691 2013年10月29日 22時05分 
Its windows explorer for some reason it does this with some older games this fix works for other games with a similar problem.

Just use task manager to close explorer when you start to play the game, copy the link for bf2 before you close explorer or you will have no hope finding it.
when your done playing just go run new tak and type "explorer" then windows should go back to normal.
Randall Flagg 2013年11月3日 14時35分 
I have the same problem too! I played it in the past, now it won't work. STEAM/Valve turned me to EA support. I spent literally hours with them, until they came with this stupid solution that won't change a thing - since nothing worked ( and my comp never changed from the time when this game worked :
Thank you for getting back to us with the requested information.

I've gone through the DXDiag provided by you. I'm very sorry to say that Battlefield 2 doesn't work with Windows 7 32 Bit. It works well with Windows XP. Thus you can try running the game in compatibility mode.

Please perform the following steps to run the game in

-Please locate the executable file for the game you would like to run. (.exe or application file. This can be found by right clicking on the shortcut and choosing Open File Location. If you don't have a shortcut you will need to find the install director to find the .exe file).
-Have them right click the executable file and click the Properties option.
-Next select the Compatibility tab.
-Select the Run the Program in Compatibility Mode option.
-From the drop-down list, please choose the operating system(Windows XP) you want to run the game in.
-If necessary, select the option to run the program as an administrator.
Click Apply then OK.

Note: Only do this for the .exe file of the Game and not for Origin. Newer games pick up system information from Origin and will refuse to run if Origin is set to run in XP Compatibility Mode.

Your hard disk free space is also not matching with the system requirement. As I can see your hard disk free space is 0.5 GB. It should be 10 GB at least. thus make sure to free the space as required.

Let me tell you that the above steps doesn't guarantee that the game will run as the game has not been designed to work in Windows 7- 32 Bit. However you can give a try.

If you've any other queries or issues, feel free to get back to us anytime.

We have closed this case for now . You can reach us at for further assistance

Mohammad B.
EA Customer Experience

Yes, thanks 4 nothing. "Not running on Win7" - What a joke. 1-2 years ago, it did. EA is the devil.
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Arrakhis 2013年11月27日 5時05分 
bloody, I missed this game so badly, and nwo they make it cant run in win7? seriously? re they try just saying 'let the modder keep game alive while we take all the moneh'
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Randall Flagg 2013年11月27日 5時43分 
They are complete idiots. I talked with EA support for 2 weeks and they couln't find a solution , gave excuses ( your video driver is out of date...) , and finally I found they solution somewhere in this Forum's history. THIS GAME WOKS ON WIN 7.
Arrakhis 2013年11月27日 8時40分 
give the link mate if you could, mine always crashed in changing option or loading maps
Randall Flagg 2013年11月27日 8時42分 
It was a solution for the "game not loading" problem. I'll try to find it out for you, though.
Randall Flagg 2013年11月27日 8時45分 
....Found it - hope it helps. It says win8 but worked for 32bit 7 too:

Solution to BF2 CTD on start (mainly for those running windows 8)
Ok I did only two simple things to get the game to work completely:

1.Go to your profiles section in My Documents, and delete the Video.con (mydocuments/bf2/profile/defult). What happened is it remembers your old driver, then does not reacquire the proper settings, then it gets all confused and C2D.

2.Dont run BF2 directly from steam but from the exe. in the folder were BF2 is located (in other words steam/steamapps/common/BF2) oh and run it on administrator mode.

Maybe this was already resolved for many but I just bought the game (the limited editionone) and was having the same problem everyone was having (black screen then crash).

So I hoped I helped.
Arrakhis 2013年11月27日 16時37分 
gonna try this, thanks a lot
constaz 2013年11月28日 1時25分 
happens here too
Randall Flagg 2013年11月28日 9時20分 
constaz, tried the solution I qouted?
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