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Emperor 2nd Form Guide
by CJ
Having problems with the final boss of Megabyte Punch? Fear no more! I will teach you how to take his lolly and whip his butt at ease ! This guide is only for his last form, not for his Megac form! ...
The Encyclopædia Robotica (v 0.8.5)
by Valen
This Encyclopædia holds all the information of the parts found in our land. Many Megac everywhere have many different parts which hold many secrets. If you wish to further advance yourself, look no further as this book holds ultimate knowledge of the lan...
Frustrated with tournament mode?
by Mumurin
How to overcome the tournament mode AI and get those rare parts, which may be a problem for some new players....
Steam Achievement: Ancient Heights
by CJ
This guide contains a video instruction on how to get the "Ancient Heights" Steam Achievement. WARNING! If you haven't played adventure mode to level 3, this may contain spoilers for you! ...
Video Guide : Completing the Frostbyte Deep Challenge Level
by CAST_Sliferx
This guide is made to help people finishing the frostbyte challenge level...