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Doorways: Prelude

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Solid Gamer Nov 3, 2013 @ 2:08pm
Please help me to understand [Spoiler, only for players who played...]
Enter on your own risk, please read only if you played this game!!!

So you are the guy who "enter" the mind(s) of killer(s). So how? On a distance? Or are they lieing directly on a table and you try to manipulate they?

"to bring those 4 psychopats to justice"... is main character trying to finish they off or he trys to find some clues?

In a professors house he said "its like I was here 100 times befor" or something like that = what does it means? Is he a killer?
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Piethief Nov 3, 2013 @ 5:04pm 
From what I'm understanding, you play as a detective, and Doorways is the type of agency (Start of chapter 2 he says "This one has been a cold case for Doorways). The chapters may not be chronological, the first chapter is 1962 in London, and the second is 1954 Sweden. The game areas seem to look like it's not a real physical place, so I'm guessing what you said, that you enter the mind or something.

As far as the part about 4 psychopaths being brought to justice. I'd imagine there will be 4/5 chapters. Hopefully they finish off the first chapter, it ended extremely abruptly. Since chapter 1 ended so abruptly, its hard to say if he's trying to bring them to justice or just find more info, its probably justice though.

I played another atmosphere type game a few months ago, and the character said kind of the same thing. But what it seems from the end of Chapter 1, when you see the serial killers ghost/image, it's probably not you. He says he has to experience what the killers did so he can find them physically, and mentally. I did check out the games main website, read the first page of it it's super ambiguous about whether or not you actually die when you're attacked, and it specifically mentions remembering things you never lived. At the same time, it's different characters for the 2 chapters so far, so I guess we'll see if they write it well enough.

This is why I enjoy these atmosphere type games, if done correctly, they can be open to interpretaton without sucking. What did you think?
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Solid Gamer Nov 4, 2013 @ 1:14am 
Thanks for nice answer Piethief ;-)

Somehow I came on same logic as you my friend. But somehow I have such as feeling that this game is kinda unfinished, also in chapter 1 and 2. I guess there could be also some nice ideas and the ending of chapter 1 was also somehow unexpected.
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