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Xzodus08 Aug 20, 2014 @ 10:58am
Mod's locking negative feedback thread - buyer beware
Simply put if you are considering buying the first half of this game, I'd recomend you to look up a playthrough first, I could link a few, but I'll let you look them up without bias. For me, it is a very short and over priced game. No enemies, no atmosphere, poor controls, linear, no real danger short of 2 - 3 'hug corners' areas, very minimal playtime.d Anyone that tells you to 'take your time' and 'if you rush it, it is short...' Well..., there isn't much else to do in there, no side quests/objectives or open world/extra areas to explore. Fast is what you get with linear design.

As I mentioned this is only 'half' the game. There will be another 2 episodes, from everything I gather, you will have pay another premium to play, so consider this the game in its entirety, and the next 2 episodes are a sequel/expansion pack. (or bundle it together, somewhere around $20 for about ~4 hours of playtime, and that is being generous.)

The developer, has locked the most active thread in the community hub titled, "DONT BUY." Which was also a negative feedback thread if the title was not obvious enough. Which brings me to why the post is being drafted up. I support a lot of indie games and their developers, when in doubt about a game I will look up reviews, check out threads and purposely look for nevative feedback, If said negative points of the game are insignificant to me, I'll buy it anyways.

The important thing is that I find that feedback and make the decision for myself.

For example:
'This game is linear,' Great, I hate getting lost in open worlds.

'There are no weapons in the game, you must run/hide/avoid enemies,' Well then, that's a deal breaker for me, I hate the feeling of defenselessness.

But locking these threads to eventuially become buried, well thats just poor form. Specially if you never once made a presence in the topic to discredit, correct, or pledge to improve the errors being brought up, which is think is one of the greater tools available, the ability to communicate the consumerbase with the developers during the infancy of the game/company.

The game is the lenght of a demo, poorly made imo.

Youre only buying half of it, other half 'coming soon.' Expect to pay again for it.

Negative feedback is part of the developent process, dont lock threads, specially when its your most active one. Talk back, engage, improve.

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c.c.wolff Sep 10, 2014 @ 8:18am 
It is nearly impossible in this stupid tudorial of the Game to succeed in jumping. this game is far toepensive for two minutes of play. It is a pity that here exist a trashcan, where you can't put in bad, senseless games. and this game would be my new first choice. I am afraid, it would be a severe mistake to by any game of these developers again. And a point farhtermore: this is not the first bad game which I buyed on steam, and there are no possibility to get rid of all the crap of these nmediocre developers ......
Temmie Sep 20, 2014 @ 11:01pm 
Why do you think this is? The devs scammed people. They had achievements for episode 3 and 4 in the episode 1 and 2 game, it was meant to be released as FREE DLC (they said so themselves) but they knew they could get a quick buck off of releasing the others as full, seperate priced games. These devs are moneygrabbers, thats all they are.
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