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Santyaga Mar 5, 2014 @ 3:04pm
Teleportation to station when attack on it started
Found strange bug. Play for Salvation, station Kiala, commander. When I was aboard station I launched attack against alien portal in the same system. So, I took off and then I started jump to that alien portal. During countdown fleet of enemy ships (alien) emerged and appeared a message with text that station is under attack, so launched attack is cancelled and there will be teleportation to station. I camcelled my jump (I was still near station) and then after some time (seconds) I was teleported back into the station to fly and defend station while I was already doing it!. I believe this counts as bug.
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Santyaga Mar 5, 2014 @ 3:56pm 
And another (bug or not): just destroyed Alien Portal in Virgo 392 (launched official attack from station Batiel) and here it appeared again in the same spot. Almost died, fortunatly I bought teleporter. Is this how it suppose to happen?
P.S. By the way, isn't aliens suppose to come after the third rune aquired? In my case they came some time after second rune. To be honest I delayed a bit mission to go through the third unknown wormhole (was too busy destroying other races :) ), may be that's why aliens appeared before I had the third rune.
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JabberwockyX  [developer] Mar 7, 2014 @ 3:30am 
Hi Сантьяга,
You're right, as long as your ship is launched, and the launch station comes under attack, it will trigger a teleportation back to the station. Perhaps it would be better if the teleportation only occurred if you were some distance away from the station. It's a harmless bug, but I agree it could be improved.

The alien portals appear on a time cycle, so it sounds as if you just had some bad luck with timing. I have played the game a lot, and I think that should be pretty rare. Good thinking with the teleportation drive, glad to hear you made it out. :)

* spoiler alert *

The alien invasion isn't triggered by the 3rd rune. Rather, it is just time based. Normally, if you complete the unstable wormhole missions as they appear, the invasion would happen after the 3rd rune. But yeah, if you ignore those missions, that will not delay the invasion. The aliens can actually help in the battle against your faction enemies, since they indiscriminately attack either you or the AI factions. Although making peace with the remaining factions can be an effective tactic too.

Santyaga Mar 8, 2014 @ 11:24am 
Thanks for the answer.
About alien portals: it happened twice with the same portal, second shortly after first. After that I just stopped launching attacks and thought: "may be it is programmed that way so all portals couldn't be destroyed near the end of the game". . Seems to me that time cycle algorithm doesn't take into account that portal was just destroyed. Time cycle should start after destroying portal, if all 4 portals were present before that. Oh, right, I forgot to mention that: in both cases all 4 portals existed. If not - bad luck case would be obvious :).
About invasion: there're some confusing messages (text during story missions) if invasion started before aquring some of the runes, like "danger is close" or something like that. Just wanted to point out that, it's not critical or anything.
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