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Lack of content?
This game looks promising, however I'm seeing a lot of reviews about lack of content and progression and every mission being almost the same.

Fair criticism or has it been updated?
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melkathi Mar 14 @ 2:00am 
The game is a complete game and there will be no content updates. For the price, the game offers more than a fair amound of content. Yes, ground missions basically is your army rushing their army. And space missions all are dogfights in space. But all space games basically are dogfights in space. This is a 1-dev game that tried to tackle a huge scope. So it realy boils down to a glass half full/empty question. Some people will say that all parts of the game could have gone further. Some people will say look how far one dev managed to take this concept in one game. You know yourself better and can answer which group you'll fall into. If you do want to giev the game a chance you should be able to get a good dozen hours of fun out of it.
JabberwockyX  [developer] Mar 14 @ 2:33am 
Thank you melkathi!

For those looking for a highly scripted roleplay experience, I'd say skip on the game. You generally want a AAA offering for those. For those looking for a galactic war military simulation, primarily focused on action in space fights and on planets, you might find it more your style.
I wasn't looking for a highly scripted game, I'd just like to have more loadout options. Perhaps the most glaring complaint I'm seeing is that every character is the same. On ground battles, you always have the same melee/ranged/heavy attacks. It looks like the space battles are similar as well.
JabberwockyX  [developer] Mar 14 @ 4:20pm 
Limited loadout options is a legit complaint, if you compare the game to a pure shooter. When you tackle such a big range of stuff in a single game, no individual part (like the shooter part) will be as deep. The same could be said for the space flight. It's fun and there's lots of action. But there's not a ton of in-depth upgrades and stuff.

There is some variation though. The 4 different factions each have different weapons or abilities which will make fighting them tactically different. They also behave a bit differently, e.g. the Drone Unity (big robot guys) are much more likely to charge in to melee, whereas the Salvation (mystic mutant types) are more likely to fight at distance, using their reflective shield and ranged weapons. The Wyr (crazy engineer robot guys) will plant support turrets, and throw bombs. The colonies you attack will upgrade with new defensive technologies over time, which also adds more challenge.

For me, where the shooter fun comes in is not only the action element of aiming and dodging, but also of intelligently using your stims, which give you boosts to movement speed, health regen, attack speed, or damage reduction. You can only use one at a time, and you have limited amounts, so you need to read the situation. Plus, there's a few extra talents with special one-shot big effects you earn later in the game. You also have to be aware of what the other ground troops on your side are doing - getting separated can be deadly.

But yeah, it is no doubt more simple than any full fledged pure shooter. There's not a wide range of different weapons, and the upgrade options are pretty linear (more damage, more range, more speed, only a few new abilities to unlock, etc). People looking for a deep shooter experience won't find it with Salvation Prophecy.

Think of it this way. Instead of being able to choose from 50 different weapons, you get to fly a space ship around the galaxy. ;)

Hopefully that gives you enough info to make your decision, Division.
1 of the reviews mentioned that there's only 1 ground loadout (melee/ranged/heavy) and spaceship in each faction. Is that correct?

JabberwockyX  [developer] Mar 14 @ 8:11pm 
Yes, there is only one fighter ship for each faction. You can upgrade the following components, based on earning cred from missions:
- Engine
- Beam Weapon
- Missile Bay
- Shield
- Shield Generator
- Energy Bank
- Reactor
- Teleportation Drive
... so the feel and power will change as you advance through the game. But not the appearance.

For ground combat, each faction has 3 different weapon types (which can be upgraded but not changed for new kinds of weapons), along with the stims and a small assortment of other abilities.

It sounds like weapon variety and visual character customization are pretty important to you, Division. If that's the case, I'd pass on the game. That's not Salvation Prophecy's strength.

I'm glad you asked though. I prefer people to clearly know what they're getting up front. Different folks like different things, and I always am much happier when players are happy with the game.

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Gear variety and loadouts, yes. Visual customization isn't so important. Even if there were only 2 or 3 choices for each slot that would be good enough.
Originally posted by Division By Zero:
Gear variety and loadouts, yes. Visual customization isn't so important. Even if there were only 2 or 3 choices for each slot that would be good enough.
Played this game through 6 times on full hard\with target assist off and it was all very nice experience. All 6 took less than 180 hrs, btw, nevertheless it never felt like the game was too short. And there's enough of deep combat experience in there, trust me, and loadout variety, too.
You've got 4 playable factions (and each has its own weapon set which significantly affects your combat tactics). In ground battles you carry 3 different weapons, you've got a lot of perks to acquire, you've got runes, you've got different stim pills to use. You've got a space ship and space combat, which was a pleasant addition to my space and air craft combat experience in games like X3 and HAWX. You've got a fair chance to win most battles against most enemies even if all your squad is dead(except for alien invaders and first assaults on space bases, before you improve your ship), with a bit luck and knowledge how to do this and enough healing stims. Played SalvationProphecy right after MassEffect 2 and 3 and just before Skyrim. And it wasn't feeling any worse than its neighbours in this row. It may not look like that much of a nice game at 1st sight, but it is. Just needs another try to get deeper into and see it at its best.
Tastes differ, of course, and i'm only referring to mine here. Just wanted to add some important details which hadn't been mentioned yet in the topic.
PS Apologies for my presumably bad english , it's not my native.
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JabberwockyX  [developer] Apr 17 @ 5:02am 
I just wanted to say thanks Shonkawakan, for taking the time to write that.
Originally posted by JabberwockyX:
I just wanted to say thanks Shonkawakan, for taking the time to write that.
Not at all. I really like this game as much as i say.
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