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Movement Problem Fix
by DanDantheTacoMan
A quick fix if you move in a direction without pushing anything, or seem to spin in circles or look directions non stop....
The Quick, Easy Way to fix The Unsupported Card Problem
by The Mantis Shrimp
This guide will give you 4 easy steps to start your game, without the need to delete, download, or change any files whatsoever....
by Saygon
Краткое руководство по русификации MOHA....
FIx Bad card problem
by |SCD| Aquele Soldado
Hi Guys its a mini tutorial to fix bad card problem ...
Fixing the pesky PhysX problem
by Kristoph Gavin
When trying to start up your game, the installation goes well so far. However once it reaches the PhysX Step, it usually runs into an error, closing the installation or even the game in general, which leads the gamer stuck in a sad stage of his life. This...
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