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Starter Guide
by okdef
I have noticed the frustration of the game not having any form of Tutorial or guide so i have created this guide for those starting off...
A Wurmple's guide to omegalodon
by Weird Al Shabaab
Okay, I'm not the best at the game, but there ae no guides and no way to learn in game, I took the liberty to do this, this guide will NOT describe controls, you can find those in the launcher, it will discuss things like how to use vehicles, classes and ...
Raritys Omega guide
by Miss_Rarity
Okay, to start this guide will be on moving omegalodon around, i have played this game for quite a while now (Around a year...) and have noticed quite a few people play omega badly, and ruin the flow of the game. i just want to give a very basic explinati...