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NorthOfEarth  [開発者] 2013年9月22日 22時01分
Official Bug Report Thread [1.6]
Report any bugs found in version 1.6 here.
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That fire that comes up in the park when Omegalodon enters it: well, I can't see it (no smoke or fire effects to see) when I play as Enviro, but it still seems to kill me. I assume that it is the same for Police and Soldier, not sure about Omegalodon.

Edit: Omegalodon does not see that fire as well. But you can hear it, the sound effects of the fire are there. So basically there is an unrecognizable fire that kills you and you have no clue what is going on.
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Shiroe 2013年9月23日 16時22分 
I was playing a one-player game to see if its any fun, but was unable to reach the reactor in two attemps as Omegalodon without any opposition, I think something is horribly wrong here... It sounded like a cool idea, but if the giant monster is doomed without anything attacking it, whats the point of the game?
NorthOfEarth  [開発者] 2013年9月23日 16時49分 
@michael_kuerbis: Noted, thanks!

@Kirito: Omegalodon can heal by destroying buildings. The healing amount is based on the number of players.
Me not being able to join any servers. (Disabled Firewall, I´m running it as Administrator etc)
I found a gem but it does nothing.... Is its real purpose to add another omegalodon to make it more challenging
NorthOfEarth  [開発者] 2013年10月14日 21時17分 
The gems have a secret. No one has ever found it.
Ole4961 2013年10月17日 13時07分 
@NortOfEarth When are you going to release the Mac version to Steam?
Every time I get in any of the jets, it blows up instantly, I don't crash it I just press e (my use key) and it blows up. Please help, I love this game!
NorthOfEarth  [開発者] 2013年11月10日 15時40分 
E is mapped to alternate fire. Use F instead, or remap alternate fire to something else.
Hi, I have noticed that the re-spawn time on most vehicles has been greatly increased, not sure if that was intended. Another thing is that the sky hook helicopter does not seem to work anymore and other people have noticed the same problem. With some of the water terrain pieces (I think) are slightly crooked so there is a bit of grey in the water. The mines in the water by the second airport don't set off unless your in a boat, aka you can land a helicopter on them and they wont detonate.

Is there going to be another content update to the game (not just bug fixes), possibly an implement to Steam workshop with a map designer?
NorthOfEarth  [開発者] 2013年11月13日 19時07分 
- The spawn time shouldn't have increased. I just checked and it seems normal. Vehicles won't respawn unless they are destroyed.

- The skyhook function was removed for being too buggy. Motion of carried objects was never synchronized.

- I just tested the mines and I can't replicate that issue. They detonate when anything touches them for me.

- The grey lines issue has been noted. It varies between graphics cards and helps if you don't force AA.
NorthOfEarth の投稿を引用:
E is mapped to alternate fire. Use F instead, or remap alternate fire to something else.
Thank you so much! Love this game!

Somewhat of proof that the mines don't detonate with anything other than boats (cant really test it on cars anymore).

Is it suposed to be when someone dies in a vehicle that it respawns instantly, because it did that in 1.4, I mostly noticed it with the space plane, and im not sure if that was a bug or not.
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rrr598 2013年11月27日 16時36分 
I just have no idea how to update to 1.6.
I got mine on Amazon, it's at 1.5.
NorthOfEarth  [開発者] 2013年11月27日 16時49分 
When did you last download it? Amazon should be updated to 1.6.
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