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kisguri  [developer] Jan 24, 2014 @ 9:46pm
Current Build 281.1 - Change Log
Build 281.1 - Change log

- Startup: when you launch multiple instances of CF 2.5 at the same time, you could get a wrong error message about an extension not correctly loaded
- General: when you run the main application of a project and other applications are built as sub-applications, they weren't correctly built (incorrect "Cannot load K.mfx extension" message).
- General: when a MMF 2.0 extension has a HWA MFX in the Extensions\Hwa folder and you run an application that contains it, the runtime was loading the MFX from the wrong folder.
- Frame editor: when cloning or duplicating objects, the Row field is now automatically selected
- Frame editor: a new option in the preferences allows you to change the border color
- Frame editor / Path movement editor: cannot manually enter a speed greater than 99 and annoying message box when you delete the content of the speed edit box
- Frame editor: in non-autohide mode the Layers toolbar was hidden at startup even if it was visible in the previous session
- Frame editor: the auto-show and auto-lock options in the Layers toolbar are now saved between sessions
- Properties: Html5 tab missing in Frame properties when the build type of the application is set to Html5
- Properties: resize issue in the movement list + the qualifier list is now resizable
- Properties: when you change the html5 project name in the properties and do a build & run the application was built in the previous folder
- Extension Manager: extensions not displayed on Windows XP
- Extension Manager: error if you click the Refresh button twice before the list is entirely refreshed
- Extension Manager: you can no longer install an extension that is currently used by a loaded application
- Extension Manager: when you install an extension that has been ported to Unicode, the old non-Unicode extension was still used until you restart the program, even after clicking the Refresh button
- Event Editor: Goto Line did not work if the line was located in a closed group
- Event List editor: Print Preview was not working and graphics were not printed
- Event List editor: immediate conditions and OR operator did not resize when you changed the zoom factor
- Event List Editor: the bold font used to display true conditions in red was not affected by the zoom factor
- Event List Editor: a true condition placed after an OR operator was displayed in red, instead of green
- Expression editor: ALTGR+Z was sending an Undo command
- Expression editor / String object: the paragraph$ expression was displayed with the wrong parameter string
- Path movement: when importing a MMF 2.0 application, doing a reverse at the end of the movement could cause problems
- Sub-application: when you create a new sub-application, the size of the sub-application was not correct
- Registry2 object: a new "Set 64-bit mode" action allows you to read/write keys in the 64-bit HKLM\Software folder
- Rich Edit object: Save Ascii was not working.

- All platforms: "Every xx" conditions now have the same comportement as in MMF 2.0 : they initially wait for the given delay before being true
- All platforms bar Android / Timer object: interlaced Timer actions "Fire event" did not work
- All platforms / Physics: calling one of the Physics expressions of the Movement expression menu if the movement was not a physical movement crashed the runtime
- All platforms / Physics: crash if more than one kind of Ground object was used in the frame.
- All platforms / Physics: "Add backdrop" and "Paste object into background" did not have any effect, or pasted at the wrong position in the physical world.
- All platforms / Physics: rapidely changing the movement from non-physical and physical, and testing for physical data could cause a crash
- All platforms / Physics - Background movement: the object can now be animated (only the STOPPED animation plays, with speed = 0=)
- All platforms / Physics - Background object: if this object is marked as no collision and a collision detection between this object and another physical-moving object was defined, some collisions were missed
- All platforms / Physics - Platform movement: when climbing a platform, leaving it by moving left or right at the same time as climbing transported the object directly at the top of the platform
- All platforms / Physics - Platform movement: treadmill object used to make the character move at high speeds.
- All platforms / Physics - Platform movement: you can now walk through platforms, if the ground is flat or climbing. But you cant (and certainly will never be able to) walk though a platform on a descending slope.
- All platforms / Physics - Platform movement: ladders now have an effect even if placed in different layer than the object
- All platforms / Physics - Platform movement: ladders now work with scrolling games
- All platforms / Physics - 8-direction movement: the object could disappear if the "auto-rotation" property was not checked.

- Windows Runtime: some objects were ignored by the "Mouse over object" condition
- Windows Runtime / Physics - Platform movement: when jumping off a moving platform (active object with a path movement), the character kept having the movement of the platform
- Windows Runtime / Multiple Touch object: the object reported that a gesture was recognised even if it was not
- Windows Runtime / Multiple Touch object: gesture name, percentage and number were not erased by a new recognition
- Windows Runtime / Multiple Touch object: the depth of the recognition was always the depth indicated in the properties, not the depth of the action
- Windows Runtime / Multiple Touch object: object crashed on some recognition

- Android: no wrong colors or crash anymore on some old devices.
- Android: only the first number of the version name was stored
- Android / Multiple Touch object : some conditions of the object (Like A new touch on an object has started) crashed the application at start
- Android / Physics - Spaceship movement: the thruster had a very limited effect
- Android / Physics - Rope and Chain: Attach to rope had no effect
- Android: improvements in Joystick Control object (more accurate and the size depends and the size of the device)
- Android: DPAD movement in OUYA console now more accurate
- Android: you can retrieve the index of a loop out of the On Loop condition.
- Android: MultipleTouch now properly detects touches on active objects during scrolling and inside sub-applications.
- Android: backdrop objects created from active objects outside the screen were not correctly located when scrolling.
- Android: "Total Object Number" now returns the real value.
- Android / Array object: the arrays are now saved in the Android data folder if a simple name without pathname is used.
- Android / Array object: no more crash in text array when the index is negative.
- Android / Active System Box: resizing now acts like the Windows version.
- Android / Edit Box: "Upon Pressing a Key" now works when the virtual keyboard is open.
- Android / Accelerometer: the Y coordinate was inverted compared with the other exporters

- HTML5: controls (buttons, lists, etc) were displayed at the wrong position if the property "Resize display to fill window size" was set
- HTML5: controls were not or badly re-positionned if the browser was resized or the device rotated
- HTML5: Create by Name action now takes account of the layer parameter
- HTML5: very large applications crashed the runtime on start
- HTML5: sounds were not looping under Firefox
- HTML5: Active objects with fade in transitions appeared briefly before the start of the transition
- HTML5 / "Open" transition: crash in the middle of this transition in Firefox and Internet Explorer
- HTML5 / Sub-application object: some conditions of the object caused a crash
- HTML5 / Sub-application object: now clipped. The objects laying out of the frame are not displayed any more.
- HTML5 / Easing object: the object crashed in Final build mode
- HTML5 / Button object: actions like disable / enable had no effect on bitmap buttons

- Android, HTML5 / Physics: having only one Ground object of a type crashed the application at start
- Android, HTML5 / Physics: non-physical objects added to the Box2D world made the application crash when they entered the active zone of a fan, treadmill or magnet
- Android, HTML5 / Physics - SpaceShip movement: the initial angle of the object was not set according to the value defined in the properties

- iOS: Scrolling issues
- iOS: Fixed major performance issue when scrolling and using offscreen UI controls
- iOS: Fixed crash when testing for touching an object at a point
- iOS: Different Quick backdrops using the same 'Motif' image could render incorrectly giving stretched apperance
- iOS: Fix for frame transitions not always showing when scrolling was involved
- iOS: Fixed Accelerometer values not being rotated to match the device orientation
- iOS: Fixed bug that could cause rendering not to work properly after using an object transition (it would zoom in quite a lot)
- iOS / Physics: some background objects set as obstacle or platforms were not created in the Box2D world
- iOS / Physics - Rope And Chain : Attach to rope at element crashed the runtime

- SWF / Timer object : EVERY and TIMER EQUALS condition crashed the runtime
- SWF / For Each object : Max Iteration returned the value + 1
- SWF : the first frame of Counter objects displayed as animation was displayed even if the counter was equal to 1 (for a counter with 10 images for example)

- XNA / Timer object : EVERY and TIMER EQUALS conditions crashed the runtime
- XNA : Date & Time object was crashing when the month was December
- XNA : INI object on XBOX and Windows Phone, when loading the INI file from the Binary Data, the object did not read anything if the UTF_8 property of the INI object was checked
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LOGAN Jan 25, 2014 @ 12:57pm 
Thanks for the update!
Noreos Jun 10, 2014 @ 6:14am 
Where is the updates? Any exporters news?
Tapewormz Jun 22, 2014 @ 7:18pm 
281.4 update tomorrow?
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