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Aerena Guide.
by NCC-1707 Captain James T. Kirk
this guide is A comprehensive review of everything in Aerena and will cover the launcher, the menu, the shop, the profile page, the chat, the games, the bots, the campions, the shell generator, and more. That said, this guide is not complete yet, I jus...
(Map-specific) Champion Tier Lists
by roder
Quick Rankings of each champion's potential on each map. These Champion Tier lists are based on Masters league (some champions may be more effective at lower leagues). Updated till Sharina Era. Some champion's map effectiveness based on how popular oth...
How to Play Each Map: Picking and Counterpicking Champs
by roder
Guide has been updated up till Luna Era. If you're a new player, read my New Player FAQ guide Just fastforward to the specific map you want on the Guide Index (rig...
Intro to Shells (includes complete list of shells)
by roder
Here is the list of all of the current shells; it will be updated as new ones come. Assorted by category type, and descending by aether cost. RECENT UPDATED STRATEGY SECTION . Strategy section at the end (under construction). Will include good sh...
Gameplay Mechanics
by Sines
This guide is meant to serve as an instruction manual for the base mechanics of the game. It includes the most basic mechanics, through to some of the odder eccentricities of knockback damage....
New Player FAQ
by roder
Some answers to the most common questions asked by new players. Feel free to ask your own questions below, I will answer them or update the guide to include them if they're good questions. Feel free to read my other guide, [url=
Champion Analysis Guide
by Sines
This guide will contain the hard facts for each champion, as well as my own analysis of how to best play them, and what they're best used to do....
Ship Mechanics, Selection, and Analysis
by prokeke
A guide about all things Ship in Aerena. This guide covers ship mechanics, analysis, selection, and a little tips and tricks. This guide is aimed for intermediate player or beginner who have finished tutorial and played some multiplayer match. Neverthe...
Aerena reference sheet
by NCC-1707 Captain James T. Kirk
The Goal of this Guide is to provide Basics on the Champions, Shells, Ships. I will not provide many opinions in this guide, for that look to my new guide (not yet out) It is designed to provide a nice lift for new players. I also hear Roder might be w...
Champion Guides (
by 94931355
Guides, tips and tricks for all Aerena champions. Visit for Aerena news, guides, tournaments and community!...