Dean's Sis Jan 2 @ 6:11am
Here's a tiny texture fix for York's back
If you have Durante's DPfix, you can enable modded textures. There's a giant, very unnatural fold on the back of York's model and it has always irritated me. I did a quick 30 second fix on the texture so it's no longer there.

Just download this file ( and put it in "Deadly Premonition The Director's Cut\dpfix\tex_override", make sure you have texture overrides enabled in the dpfix.ini file. Also make sure you have DPFix - but why wouldn't you?

Here's a preview:
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Bales Jan 3 @ 2:39am 
Thanks a bunch
Showtime, Synergy! Jan 3 @ 5:55pm 
Cannot unsee.
Zenon Jan 4 @ 7:45am 
Good job! Durante´s graphics-enhancing fix, InfiniteNine´s HUD overhaul and now people are already starting to improve the textures. Just think of it: A masterpiece of storytelling and atmosphere is granted an adequate visual presentation by its audience whereas all those soulless AAA games with sparkling sky-boxes are forgotten within months...
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Zoluck Apr 7 @ 8:50pm 
The link doesn't work anymore. I know this post is old but does someone still has the file and can share it, please?
Dean's Sis Apr 8 @ 5:51am 
Thanks, replaced the original link.
Zoluck Apr 8 @ 2:13pm 
Thanks a lot!
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